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Re: Final Thoughts? Re: Last chapter (SPOILERS)

Heh, indeed. Alas. One could say that it was Mugen no Jyuunin/Blade of the Immortal that led to a chance meeting between me and my future wife, so for that I'm
Andy Kitkowski
Aug 30, 2014

Final Thoughts? Re: Last chapter (SPOILERS)

And then another 3 years later... So, I waited until I actually went back to Japan this May to purchase the final volume before learning of the end. Who else
Aug 30, 2014

Re: Last chapter (SPOILERS)

Thanks for the update, Chris! (removed spoilers) Wow. End of an era. Yeah, that's a very long run of a manga that was supposed to be "wrapping up" some 14
Andy Kitkowski
Dec 25, 2012

Last chapter (SPOILERS)

SPOILERS OF COURSE SPOILERS So I just got the new Afternoon and read the last chapter. Not quite the ending I expected but it worked out pretty well.
Chris Kern
Dec 24, 2012

Re: Latest Afternoon Chapters (218 and 219)

Wow, What a coincidence. I haven't visited this group in...probably 5 years. Back then, we thought it only had a year or so to go, but he managed to drag it
Dec 6, 2012

Latest Afternoon Chapters (218 and 219)

soo.... I haven't been to this group in ages. Like almost 10 years? But our favorite series is ending next month, and I kinda wanted to tell you guys a bit of
Nov 27, 2012

Re: Recent chapters MAJOR MAJOR SPOILERS

Oh right, I forgot about him -- he's still alive. While Manji and Anotsu were fighting, he came across one of the remaining Rokkidan who was going to commit
Chris Kern
Oct 30, 2012

Re: Recent chapters MAJOR MAJOR SPOILERS

Quick confirm, spoiler: What's the story on spikey-haired Magatsu? Is he still alive, or did he die? Sent from my iPad
Andy Kitkowski
Oct 30, 2012


I just read the newest chapter last night; after this there are either 2 or 3 chapters left. Following are very major spoilers. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
Chris Kern
Oct 30, 2012

Re: Samura-sensei's video

Nice find! I've never seen him in motion - simply stunning!
Sean Ogden
Oct 25, 2012

Re: Samura-sensei's video

Thanks! I have always been in awe of his pencil work, nice to see how he goes aboutat at it. To: manji@yahoogroups.com From: ilog_man@... Date: Thu, 25
Einar Bratli
Oct 24, 2012

Samura-sensei's video

Hi Guys! I dunno if you've seen this before>>> http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=ZPuLkntKyRc Samura at work! :D Hi Guys! I dunno if
Oct 24, 2012

Re: New chapters spoilers

I just started reading Vol 29 CH 175 (which is basically where I left off). It seems that a lot of the scanlated sites have a few chapters missing here and
Oct 23, 2012

New chapters spoilers

As I read the discussion about BOTI, I thought some of you might appreciated the possibility to get the spoilers of all new chapters after volume 29 (which was
Oct 12, 2012

Re: This month's Afternoon

well that is elleven years actualy, ive been reading it now... I wonder what mr. Samura will do next... To: manji@yahoogroups.com From:
Einar Bratli
Sep 26, 2012
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