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265Re: [manilakiteboarding] [POSTPONED] Playa Calatagan Kiteboarding and Windsurfing event November 26

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  • J&S
    Nov 18, 2011
      Hi Jay,

      Hehehe.... Now you can go!


      Hope to see you in Caliraya this weekend.



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      Just got a call from Lanco. The event will be moved to December. The construction of an area is delayed hence the postponement. 

      Anyone can still go that weekend if you want.

      Mariel, Edy and Sboy (Galera kite boarders) had just confirmed their attendance in the event the other day. 

      Hope we can still all go to the new date. I'll update you when I get the final date but I think it will be on December 3 to 4.

      Spencer, you can now go!

      Jay Ortiz
      IKO Instructor 4875
      Manila Kiteboarding School

      On Nov 14, 2011, at 10:56 PM, Jay Ortiz <manilakiteboarding@...> wrote:


      Hi Guys, 

      Here is the update on this event. List of attendees

      1. Jay with John Louie so we have kite caddie
      2. Tony B
      3. Anssen B. 
      4. Popoy B.
      5. Joseph C.
      6. Carlo L.
      7. Peter J.
      8. Ton ton(not sure)
      9. Fred S. ( not sure)
      10. Jack
      11. Ged
      12. Rico
      13. Dan V.
      14. Ron
      15. Buddy L. ( will confirm by this week)
      16. Antonio B.

      Guys you can bring your partner, girlfriend, wife and kids. We just need the names so they can be given access in the pool area. Please book with them directly.

      For accommodations, here are your options

      1. Villa agustina "jun" 09184805844
      P3,500. / night max 5 pax. All 10 rooms aircon and same size
      Big mansion

      2. Conserve and protect tel num 0928-500-0411 and 0921-227-1345. 5 mins from Playa

      3. blue Waters Calatagan beach house 0908-892-7496 and 7497. You can also email them atbluewaterscalatagan@.... This is the nearest from Playa. About 5 mins car ride. They are renovating and will be open by end of November.

      4. Rongco beach resort- I think they have a website.this is around 4 km from Playa. About 15 mins car trip. Of all the options, this is the farthest. Here is the link http://calatagan.com/ronco/?page_id=12

      5. Tent or trailer home in Playa Calatagan- they have a nice camping area where we plan to have the BBQ dinner on Saturday night. I'm  bringing my trailer home. Dan and Peter too. Please let me know who wants to camp with us in the beach so we can assign the areas.


      8am breakfast in pool area
      8 to 12 kiteboarding
      12 to 1pm lunch in the tent area
      1:30 to 4pm kiteboard and windsurf clinic and demo. Others can still shred it.
      3:30 burger snacks in the tent Area
      5:30 cocktails and drinks
      7pm BBQ dinner at the camping area

      Free day- we can mountain bike, kite board or windsurf. Bring your own food or just order in the restaurant.

      Need to haves:
      Booties- I'm not sure about the urchin conditions there
      Your gears

      nice to haves:
      Mountain bike - nice trail around the light house

      Let me know who else wants to go. See you all.

      Jay Ortiz
      IKO instructor 4875
      Manila Kiteboarding School

      On Nov 6, 2011, at 10:35 PM, Jay Ortiz <manilakiteboarding@...> wrote:

      Hi Fred,

      Guys it was Fred who told me about this spot more than 2 years ago. Thanks bro! Ok will keep you posted.

      So far list of people going are

      1. Jay
      2. Tony B
      3. Anssen B. 
      4. Popoy B.
      5. Joseph C.
      6. Carlo L.
      7. Peter J.
      8. Ton ton(not sure)

      Anyone else? We need to know so they can prepare lunch for us. we might bring John Louie as support/caddie.

      Jay Ortiz
      Netspeed Software Inc.

      On Nov 6, 2011, at 2:07 PM, frederic soupart <turffonco@...> wrote:


      hey jay

      Nice to see you are making work of calatagan wicked spot that is i wish i could come with you guys but leaving with my brother to samar and sirgao for 1 month
      keep us posted about the event would want to join if it falls in our schedule .

      Joan and frederic

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      From: manilakiteboarding@...
      Date: Sat, 5 Nov 2011 00:45:59 +0800
      Subject: Re: [manilakiteboarding] Playa Calatagan Kiteboarding and Windsurfing event November 26


      Hi Uri,

      I don't know yet since the forecast only gives us 1 week advance. However, end of November has been high probability of wind.

      There's also a nice swimming pool and wide beach for non kite boarder companions who want to join us that weekend.

      I'm set to checkout the place Thursday nov 11 for the day. Anybody can join.

      Jay Ortiz
      Netspeed Software Inc.

      On Nov 3, 2011, at 7:45 PM, singla20@... wrote:

      Is the wind forecast good Jay


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      From: Jay Ortiz <manilakiteboarding@...>
      Date: Thu, 3 Nov 2011 17:26:10 +0800
      Subject: [manilakiteboarding] Playa Calatagan Kiteboarding and Windsurfing event November 26



      As I have told some of you already, Landco, the developer of Punta Fuego is hosting an event for us on that weekend. They will provide food and area for our trailers for that weekend. Support boat will also be available for us. It will just be a fun windsport event with the Philippine Windsurf Team.

      You guys should see this spot. There is flat water near the beach and small waves outside. Here is the link for pics and directions to get there.


      Let me know who else is going.So far those who confirmed with me are:

      Tony B
      Anssen B. 
      Popoy B.

      See you all.

      Jay Ortiz
      Manila Kiteboarding School

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