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167Re: [manilakiteboarding] Re: Kite schedules this June

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  • Buddy Lopa
    Jun 22, 2011
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      Wind looks very good in Caliraya this weekend! Last Sunday morning, wind was a bit crummy andArt, Peter and I were relegated to waiting for squalls on just two occasions.  Max wind was about 14kts.  Come 2:30pm though we took off from Grade 3 in 14 kt winds. Art on a 12, Peter on a 16 and me on a 17.  it was decent riding with 14-16kt winds from Grade 3 to Wallace Point.  Then things started cranking up for a very good habagat ride!  we were getting 15kt ave winds with gusts up to 19kts...

      Peter was screaming all over the place and doing speed runs!  Not sure if it was just because of the winds or because Wallace's dogs were chasing us all the way to Francis Rivera's dock.

      We continued to ride up to Archie King's area where the reach was fantastic, as always.  Art was riding level here and even confessed that, at one point, he wanted to try and go upwind back to surf kamp.

      Peter and I went a bit deeper and played around the area of Maui, the designated landing and pick up point.  Wind was a solid 17kts in this area and we were zigzagging the little islets.  Art stayed between Archie King's and Maui. it was a glorious 90 minute session complete with face plants and a few teabags during the gusts!  All this with a wind guru forecast of 7 kts (14kts adjusted) on Sunday afternoon.\
      So How do you think we'll fare this time around?!? :-)

      I'm probably making it on Sunday... too much work til Saturday!

      See you in the water!  Mahalo!

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      Date: Thursday, June 23, 2011, 12:06 AM


      We did not push tru last monday.
      Looks ok in caliraya this weekend as there are less rain than in subic.

      Jay Ortiz
      IKO Instructor #4875
      Manila Kiteboarding School

      From: Joseph Ryan Consul <joseph.consul@...>
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      Hi jay,

      Thought naka connect sa group email yung message ko.

      Anyway, san ride this weekend? I'm ok on Sunday. Natuloy kayo last Monday? How was it?

      From: Jay Ortiz <manilakiteboarding@...>;
      To: Joseph Ryan Consul <joseph.consul@...>;
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      Subject: [manilakiteboarding] Re: Kite schedules this June
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      Hi Joseph,

      Are you already in the yahoo groups? Lets go kiteboard this weekend!
      Jay Ortiz
      IKO Instructor #4875
      Manila Kiteboarding School

      From: Joseph Ryan Consul <joseph.consul@...>
      To: Jay Ortiz kite instructor iko <Manilakiteboarding@...>
      Sent: Wednesday, June 22, 2011 9:52:14 AM
      Subject: Kite schedules this June

      Hi jay!

      Just wanna ask the group if they have  kiting plans this weekend.

      Was at Subic last sunday, and decided to visit san Antonio in zambales and check out the surfing scene. There were no surfers, but man, the waves out there were ginormous! Takot ako!

      Kitesurfing anyone? Though it looks scary, I'm up for it. Game?

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