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Business/Entrepreneurship Training

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  • coach.alwynsy
    Hi, just want to share this piece of information with you. If you think entrepreneurship is not for you, please pass to your friends and disregard this
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 21, 2011
      Hi, just want to share this piece of information with you. If you think
      entrepreneurship is not for you, please pass to your friends and
      disregard this message.


      "A community dedicated to creating a world that works for all"

      Life Entrepreneurship Program

      Life Entrepreneurship is Being a contribution, Doing business while
      living life's purpose and Having personal development and significance.

      The Life Entrepreneurship Program is a real-world business training for
      people who want to learn the real-world skills of an entrepreneur,
      rather than the skills of an employee.

      Our Vision: Create One Thousand Multi-Millionaires by the year 2020.

      Our Mission: Spread Financial Education throughout the Nation.

      Because of this vision and mission we developed the Life
      Entrepreneurship Program designed to create Wealth from Zero.

      Here are some of the critical skills that this program aims to teach:

      · An attitude of success

      · Dressing for success

      · Overcoming personal fears, doubts, and lack of confidence

      · Overcoming the fear of rejection

      · Communication skills

      · People skills

      · Time-management skills

      · Accountability skills

      · Practical goal-setting

      · Money management skills

      · Investing skills

      This program is open only to people who are success-driven, open-minded,
      coachable, willing to build and expand their business empire.

      If you share the same vision of a First World Philippines by year 2020,
      I invite you to one of our public events entitled:

      Wealth Course: "Discovering and Reprogramming your Personal Wealth
      Operating System and Money Blueprints"

      This course consists of three Modules. One module per session (3 hours).

      Module 1. Awareness - Uncovering Money Operating Systems ™
      Module 2. Understanding - Source of Limiting Wealth Beliefs & Empowering
      Wealth Beliefs™
      Module 3. Reconditioning - Reprogramming Money Operating Systems ™

      Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays
      Time: 3-6 pm or 6-9 pm
      Venue: Greenbelt, Makati or Shangrila Mall, Ortigas


      Time: 3-6 pm or 6-9 pm

      Venue: Trinoma Mall, Quezon City or Alabang Town Center, Alabang

      The courses are free. We do, however, require our guests to purchase
      food or drink as courtesy to the venue.

      Limited slots only.

      Reservation Details:
      1. Text me the following details: Full name, age, occupation, email,
      date, venue and time slot.(I will send you a confirmation thru your
      mobile. No text, no reservation.)
      2. Bring pen and paper and Valid ID (no ID, no course).
      3. Come on time.

      Help us spread financial literacy by forwarding this invitation to your
      friends and families. To get to know us better, register at
      www.ca2020.net <http://www.ca2020.net/> . Get to know international and
      regional schedules for UAE, Cebu, Laguna, Baguio, other regions on the

      "Everyone wants to be wealthy, what sets you apart from others is
      when you TAKE ACTION!"

      RSVP: Coach Alwyn Sy

      0917.858.8907 (Globe)

      0922.839.6965 (Sun)


      www.ca2020.net <http://www.ca2020.net/>

      http://alwynsy.blogspot.com <http://jennylynsia.blogspot.com/>

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