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Re: Joy for mandolin

Thanks, Joe. I was able to fid the notes. I'll have to work on the timing though Jim Coon
Jim Coon
Oct 7, 2011

Joy for mandolin

Here's a simple reading piece in D. If you start now, you'll have it by Christmas! In files under "Joy"
Oct 7, 2011

Sunday reading

Open a hymnal today and try to read a few measures of a new key signature. Joe
Sep 18, 2011

Re: music test

... did ok... thanks Joe
Jim Coon
Sep 8, 2011

music test

1) Where does the first string lie on the music staff? Second? Third? Fourth?? 2) Play the notes of the staff lines from bottom to top. Spaces? 3) Read one
Sep 8, 2011

Cape Cod Mandolin Camp

There's a mandolin festival for reading (and non-reading) mandolinists coming up on Cape Cod -- Carlo Aonzo will be there, and it's a rare opportunity to study
August Watters
Aug 19, 2011

Start again

The new school year is about to start. This is a perfect time to re-dedicate yourself to learning to read. Just print out one lesson and put it on your music
Aug 18, 2011

No more new books for a while

If you are new to the group, here is your cheerleading session. Devote a small period of each practice to reading. You'll be amazed at what just 5 minutes will
Aug 10, 2011

yet another new book

School of Mandolin: Bluegrass Classics started with a simple concept. Many of my beginning and intermediate students had trouble sustaining a constant stream
Aug 10, 2011

Another New Book

Mel Bay is really working hard to get my titles out this summer. Modern Mandolin Method is a different type of project for me. Being primarily a bluegrass
Aug 10, 2011

new book

It's finally available from melbay.com! Reading Standard Music Notation for Mandolin & Fiddle by Joe Carr If you have tried and failed to learn to read
Jul 6, 2011

2 new books oops!

They are finally available from melbay.com! Two new books from Mel Bay. The reading book is an expansion of the information I have at the yahoo group
Jul 6, 2011

Re: Mandonotes membership

No problem here Joe, thanks!!! ... I was ... St. ... talents, ... effects any ... read any
Tony A
Jul 3, 2011

Re: Mandonotes membership

*There seems to be no problem for me to access the site, Joe, thanks. I was using some tab, this morning, to help work up a new (for me) slant on St. Anne's
George Barnett
Jul 3, 2011

Mandonotes membership

I've just changed membership from open to restricted. If this effects any of you retroactively, please write me to be reinstated. Have you read any music
Jul 3, 2011
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