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Re: ARSION 7/30/00 show

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  • ElPatoume
    >Yeah. Too much uncertainty in the booking recently. It s more like if you re a fan of Ohmukai and Shimoda you d be crossing your fingers that they d be
    Message 1 of 1480 , Aug 1, 2000
      >Yeah. Too much uncertainty in the booking
      recently. It's more like if you're a fan of Ohmukai and
      Shimoda you'd be crossing your fingers that they'd be
      winning rather than thinking "Yeah,<br>they deserved to
      win."<br> <br>It was a good thing that it was uncertain in
      that case.<br><br>>Eh, they tried building the
      Hamada sisters with a few wins here and there. I'm glad
      they just didn't throw them in, announce it only at
      Korakuen then do the show over in Hokkaido without
      anything else. I heard the crowds in Hokkaido were pretty
      good because they only get the girls at certain times
      of the year.<br><br>Not surprising considering how
      far it is.<br><br>> The real worst case scenario
      would be that she died. Retirement seems like nothing
      to me compared with her safety.<br><br>Of course,
      but you're going far here. There's a concern about
      her future as an active worker, not about her life,
      thanks God. I know what you mean, and I don't see ARSION
      taking a major risk by putting her back in the ring if
      that could result into a tragedy.<br><br>> I made a
      suggestion that they shouldn't kill the team because then no
      one can warm up to the teams. I also suggested that
      the teams should be given some time to develop
      especially after how they've taken some decent time to put
      some thought into the gimmicks. If it were the WWF
      with endless banks of cash, they could do what they'd
      want. But it'll be a waste of money for them to not
      give the teams to develop.<br><br>We'll see. It may
      take sometime before a credible challenger team is
      build to Shimoda/Chama level, unless Re:Drags take the
      belts away from them. For whatever reason, I don't see
      that happen. <br><br>> Sakai and Hamada would make
      a novel team but I can't view Sakai the same way
      after seeing her at Lawsons :p <br><br>Why is that?
      <br><br>> It's too bad they don't hook up with JWP after
      that show they had with them a few weeks back.
      <br><br>You mean what's left of JWP. Amano and Mizaki working
      in ARSION would be something else. Nobody can tell
      where the girls will find some work, because the
      Zenjo-JWP connection didn't exactly change the face of
      Zenjo. Girls from NEO, Jd' and JWP may end up working
      anywhere they can, like Bloody in GAEA and Sakai in
      ARSION.<br><br>> Yagi is off and on in ARSION.<br><br>She's more
      on that off. Since she debuted back at ZION 98, I
      don't think she missed a lot of ARSION's major show.
      And she's still one of the more underrated wrestler
      you can find. Maybe in the top 5. <br><br>> Gami
      is the leader so it'll be more interesting for them
      to push those two as having a feud. First you use
      Yagi as a stepping stone to get to Gami by having
      Candy beat her in her revenge match. Then do some
      contender match for the #1 singles spot against Gami to
      maintain that rivalry and to keep the singles title in
      focus. <br><br>I'm still waiting for GAMI to win one of
      the damn tournaments. <br><br>> Actually ReDrugs
      have really good team work. <br><br>Yeah, I like it
      although some people would disagree.:) <br><br>>I
      prefer Gami in singles though just because she's quite
      the leader. Gami/Yagi as a challenger to Shimoda and
      Ohmukai wouldn't be bad though. <br> <br>It would be
      awesome imo. Yagi is such a natural heel. She reminds me
      of Oz sometimes because she's small and doesn't look
      like a big deal, but her attitude is really strong.
    • renegade007au
      Hi Just re aqquating myself with the exelent Japanese women can anybody let me know the state of the feds and if theres any video traders here in
      Message 1480 of 1480 , Mar 3, 2002
        Hi<br> Just re aqquating myself with the exelent Japanese women can anybody let me know the state of the feds and if theres any video traders here in Australia? Thanking you<br><br>John sharp
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