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27700SK Women's Wrestling: Kristal vs. Nicole O.

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  • honeybeemv
    Jul 13, 2014
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      Click here to watch this women’s wrestling video online now.

      SK-308-02 “Dangerous Divas”
      Match Competitors: Nicole O. vs. Kristal

      The California girl wrestling girl, Kristal is in for the pounding of her life as her opponent Nicole, a sexy Asian with gorgeous long black hair, has no mercy for this petite busty blonde. Nicole is clearly out to destroy Kristal in this topless female wrestling match. Figure four head scissors, bear hugs, kicks, punches, butt busters, chops, back breakers, belly punches, tight body presses, grapevines and camel clutches, has the defensive topless blonde howling in pain. Kristal tries to fight back, but is no match for this devastating brunette. Nicole enjoys inflicting more pain with head scissors, choke holds and a big head slam, render Kristal helpless! Nicole plays with her prey till she has had enough fun and finishes the topless blonde off with a figure four head lock that knocks Kristal clean out! What a great female Domination wrestling match!

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