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276994 Babes Bondage Wrestling Match: Steel Kittens

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  • honeybeemv
    Jun 26, 2014

      Click here to check out this crazy 4 way bondage tag wrestling match now!

      SK-104 "Four On The Floor"   
      Competitors: Tez & Alysha vs. Santana & Hollywood
      4 Way Tag Punching Bondage, Carry, Lift, Fantasy

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      Four girls square off in the ring to knock out their rivals. A powerful punch has one boxer slumped on the floor unconscious, as her opponent ties her legs and arms. Team II is battling it out with haymakers and stomach punches, driving the other down hard. Two victors challenge each other to a re-match but decide to switch partners! all hell breaks loose as the ring again beckons for a knock out. A highly entertaining and brutal punching match!!

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      Steel Kittens 4 Way Tag Punching Bondage, Carry, Lift, Fantasy