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Re: Update to MiloSlick MallinCam Control released Jim, The Extreme/PC is Rock's new "less-expensive" camera that does away with the wireless exposure controller interface. From a software perspective, there's
William Koperwhats
6:08 PM
Re: Update to MiloSlick MallinCam Control released I have another question about the new Miloslick software. After downloading, I did not know whether to pick Mallincam Xtreme or Mallincam Xtreme/PC. Is there
4:42 PM
Re: MALLINCAM NEW WEBSITE Sorry, I should have said LED not lens. Dave Altwies From: bryancashion@... Sent: Sunday, April 20, 2014 4:11 PM To: mallincam@yahoogroups.com Subject:
Dave Altwies
4:09 PM
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Re: MALLINCAM NEW WEBSITE Randy: Typically referred to as green or red LED. The color of the power light on the back of the camera. Bryan
2:11 PM
Re: MALLINCAM NEW WEBSITE I believe a green lens Xtreme is usually the result of an upgrade from a Hyper Color or Hyper Color Plus. That is true in my case. Dave Altwies From:
Dave Altwies
12:40 PM
Re: MALLINCAM NEW WEBSITE Congrats Rock! Looks great! Al
12:23 PM
Re: MALLINCAM NEW WEBSITE Hi Dave, What is a green lens Xtreme? Great website Rock! Clear Skies, RandyC http://www.flickr.com/photos/galaxygardens
11:41 AM
Re: MALLINCAM NEW WEBSITE Awesome new Website, Rock. What an improvement! Ross
Ross Elkins
11:32 AM
Re: MALLINCAM NEW WEBSITE Rock, The manual looks great. I suggest that you consider putting a note at the very beginning of the manual that some parts of the manual and optional
Dave Altwies
9:57 AM
Re: Update to MiloSlick MallinCam Control released Curtis, This sounds like a bug. I might have accidentally broken something in the last update. Let me look and I'll have a fix soon. For now, my suggestion is
William Koperwhats
9:43 AM
Re: MALLINCAM NEW WEBSITE Looks fantastic Rock! You need to start making more cameras now... the orders are going to increase quickly! -Brian
Brian Ventrudo
9:16 AM
Solar Observing All, Beautiful conditions for solar observing right now. Currently live on NSN http://nightskiesnetwork.com http://nightskiesnetwork.com Look for Mallincam
6:01 AM
Solar Observing Live All, Happy Easter to all. I will be broadcasting at about 10:00am today on NSN live solar observation. Everyone is welcome http://nightskiesnetwork.com
5:16 AM
Re: MALLINCAM NEW WEBSITE Mark et all, Thank you for the kind word. About the Xtreme Manual, "2014 is not over yet" I figured it was a good time to release it. Very special Thanks to
5:14 AM
Re: MALLINCAM NEW WEBSITE Rock, Very nice. It's going to make your life a lot easier with less stress from no longer answering the same questions, over and over. Just tell folks to RTW
Apr 19
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Re: Signature HD-SDI display mode question Thanks Bryan and to all who have chipped in their advice. I'll get it working as I need to. Bob ________________________________ From: "bryancashion@..."
Robert Pease
Apr 19
Re: MALLINCAM NEW WEBSITE Rock, Great new site! Very professional, but even more important, much easier to navigate, a lot more useful information so easy to find. Love it! Regards,
Apr 19
Re: Update to MiloSlick MallinCam Control released Bill, I just uploaded version 2.3.2 and do not understand the new syntax for capturing multiple images. I have the MC Xtreme, in Hypermode, set the exposure
Apr 19
Re: MALLINCAM NEW WEBSITE New Site looks great Rock. John Scholl From: Jack Huerkamp Sent: Saturday, April 19, 2014 5:07 PM To: mallincam@yahoogroups.com Subject: Re: [MallinCam]
john scholl
Apr 19
Re: MALLINCAM NEW WEBSITE Rock, Now I have to get busy with a new website. You are making me look BAD! Jack Jack Huerkamp 38388 Pine Street Pearl River, LA 70452 985-863-2165 (Home)
Jack Huerkamp
Apr 19
Re: MCHP suitability? Hey George, We used a 10” LX200 for a couple of years then traded down to an 8” LX-90 because of weight and awkwardness of handling the mount for repeated
John Hilliard
Apr 19
Re: MALLINCAM NEW WEBSITE Hi Rock, Great job with the new website. However, if you make it too easy to find and order your products we are all going to be broke:) Best of luck, Theresa
Theresa Doyle
Apr 19
Wide angle views of Sharpless catalog I have been enjoying my MC ExtremeX2. I use it with an 18" Obsession Classic for small targets like galaxies. I use a Takahashi refractor on an Ioptron Zeq25
Apr 19
Re: MCHP suitability? I use a C11 and 14. Squeeze as much focal reduction out of them as you can and they work very well. Short tubes make things easier on your mount (short
Apr 19
Re: MCHP suitability? I used a Mallincam MCHC for 2 years with an older Meade 10" LX 200, f/10. Need to use a focal reducer but the image quality was very good. I'm using the same
Lou Halikman
Apr 19
MCHP suitability? I'm about to break my MCHPcolor out of winter mothballs and am considering upgrading the telescope. I currently have a SC 6 inch and am looking at either the
Apr 19
Re: MALLINCAM NEW WEBSITE Yup It's a big improvement. Howard
Apr 19
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Re: MALLINCAM NEW WEBSITE Thank you! The basic design is much better/friendly. DTVBA ... From: mallincam@... Sent: Saturday, April 19, 2014 4:27pm To: mallincam@yahoogroups.com
Apr 19
Re: MALLINCAM NEW WEBSITE Rock, WOW, clearly you haven¹t taken a nap in the past two years! All the wonderful new products. The web site looks great. I have an uncontrollable urge to
Bart Tecter
Apr 19
MALLINCAM NEW WEBSITE All, After hard work from friends, the new website is now active. As part of "2014 is not over yet", the new website will certainly bring new attention better
Apr 19
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