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Re: Mallincam with Celestron C-1100 Edge HD Curiosity Hey Woody, Thanks for the info.especially the assembly part. John From: mallincam@yahoogroups.com [mailto:mallincam@yahoogroups.com] Sent: Sunday, March 01,

John Hilliard
2:46 PM

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Re: Mallincam with Celestron C-1100 Edge HD Curiosity John, I'm only aware of one focal-reducer that fits up inside the baffle tube -- and that's the Baader Alan Gee Mk-II -- and I believe it only fits the C8

Woody Schlom
2:15 PM

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Mallincam with Celestron C-1100 Edge HD Curiosity Anyone with a C-1100 Edge HD OTA…when using your camera with say the MFR-5 and maybe a spacer or two ( if spacers will work with the C-11) is there a problem

John Hilliard
1:53 PM

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Rod Mollise's quasar hunt Rod Mollise's blog today is a quasar hunt at Chiefland Astronomy Village with CGEM / C11 / Xtreme. Good for getting the juices flowing with spring coming.

12:59 PM

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Re: SWAP TABLE AT JOHNSTOWN they destroyed your mount out of jealousy Rock, BBBBWWWWWHHHHHHAAAHHHAAA, I will leave this unsigned in case they decide to destroy mine as well LOL

10:59 AM

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Re: SWAP TABLE AT JOHNSTOWN hi Rock, we will miss Michelines mom , and her partner , she made great food, and i will miss the little dog, Murray

10:45 AM

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Re: SWAP TABLE AT JOHNSTOWN Murray, I was going to have product available this time. If you need tables let me know. Anyone who has something to sell used can certainly bring it. On

10:14 AM

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Re: ECVAR DATES 2015 Doug, That is great news! Looking forward to see you again. This time I will spend a lot more time with you instead of baby sitting Joe and Chris destroying my

10:10 AM

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Re: Banding suddenly showing up on MallinCam EXtreme Gerry, If you are running the camera through a battery, the camera will show banding if voltage or amperage are inadequate. Are you using a 120AC power supply

10:05 AM

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SWAP TABLE AT JOHNSTOWN HI Rock , Murray here, ,what if if we had a Buy and Swap table for video related gear at the next party? just a thought ,

7:44 AM

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Re: Question Hi, Todays pico projectors are quite adequate enough if looking for a small and low power consumption option. Not small in projected size though as you can see

6:46 AM

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Re: ECVAR DATES 2015 Hi Rock, The Video Star Party in Johnstown ON last summer was so much fun, it got me hooked, so please sign me up again for this year's event! I will email

5:37 AM

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Banding suddenly showing up on MallinCam EXtreme The last few nights out with my extreme I have started getting a lot of noise in the form of bands that appear to move up the screen. I am getting the same

5:06 AM

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Re: Question Curtis, here's about the only photo I know of that exists of me using the projector onto the clubhouse wall. Because the camera was taking a long exposure

11:15 PM

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Re: I want another MallinCam Jr. Pro B&W camera Woody I do not have any JR PRO B&W in stock. I can order one for you and I should be able to get it in 4 weeks along with my next shipment of cameras and

Jack Huerkamp
9:07 PM
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