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Re: Mallincamsky software

Kasey, As I mentioned earlier ... just open an existing image (jpeg, png, etc.) and play with it. I'd grab one of the images from a DSc already displayed here
7:35 PM

Re: SR DSc & my TeleVue Genesis, 101,SDF, 540mm, f5.4 scope - no foc

Thanks Gerry. That seemed to be the consensus from Jack H. and a few other people. I ordered the 2". We'll see how it goes. Again, thanks - Jack B.
Jack Benson
6:26 PM

Re: igrabber and miloslick

I missing something. I have an Mac with video digitizer iGrabber hooked up my X2's Svideo output. From reading the above I found that you are not supposed to
4:35 PM

Re: Broadcasting Tonight on NSN

Bob Not sure what you are trying to say here. I been xtreming for 6 years The bright colorful objects are fun and all but do not push Rock's cameras It's the
3:38 PM

Chucks Mad Moon Last Night

To All, NSN Bcast August 31, 2015, Screen Grab of Chucks Moon (Mallincam X2, 150mm APO). Clearly "MAD" can be seen at the bottom and "15 c" in the upper
2:13 PM

Re: Mac + Parallels + Grabber...?

Don Thank you! Just the info I was looking for. Amazon, here I come.... Thanks Mike
2:04 PM

Re: Mac + Parallels + Grabber...?

Mike, I can't comment on the MCV-1E for I've never used one. I have run my Mac with versions from Snow Leopard to Yosemite with a Pinnacle Dazzle DVC-100 and
1:59 PM

Mallincamsky software

Greetings Brain Trust, I finally got thru the hoops to get this windows 8.1 to load Mallincamsky DCS software... I won't know if all installed right till I
1:59 PM

Chris and Jack, thx for nsn broadcast/YouTube video from last night!

As always, valuable way to learn how to use the dsc camera Jonathan
1:56 PM

Re: Mac + Parallels + Grabber...?

That's too bad. I've tried and failed multiple times to get the device to enumerate under osx to the point where I could get parallels to see it, but had no
1:37 PM

Re: Mac + Parallels + Grabber...?

Mark I am pretty sure he meant "when the Mac is booted into Windows using Bootcamp". The device absolutely does not work natively on a Mac. Some people get
11:48 AM

Re: Broadcasting Tonight on NSN

Howard The only true way to test a color camera is with some objects that show color...lol The bigger objects (and brighter) like M17,M16,M20,and bubble are
11:32 AM

Re: Mac + Parallels + Grabber...?

... What version of OSX are you running, because I have never been able to get the MCV-1-E to work on a mac... Did someone write a driver for it? I'll try
11:24 AM

Re: Mac + Parallels + Grabber...?

Thanks for the clarification. At this point I'll have to defer to someone using a frame grabber - I'm using the USB-based cameras only - I didn't care for the
Peter Tattersall
10:21 AM

Re: Mac + Parallels + Grabber...?

Thank you both. So, to be more clear - The question is not about running windows on a Mac. I run the latest version of Parallels with Win7Ultimate and
9:37 AM
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