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    THE STREET MIMBAR JUM’AH KHUTBAH (23 May 2008) http://groups.yahoo.com/group/the_street_mimbar/ PLEASE e-mail Suggestions & Criticisms to khutbahs@yahoo.com
    Message 1 of 1 , May 22, 2008
      JUM’AH KHUTBAH (23 May 2008)
      PLEASE e-mail Suggestions & Criticisms to khutbahs@...
      It is in such a manner that We make plain our signs so that the course of the
      criminals may become clear.
      Bismillah Ar-Rahmaan Ar-Raheem.
      Alhumdulillah. Peace and blessings on Muhammad (sallalahu alaihi wa sallam), his Noble Companions and Family.
      Brothers and sisters...
      Audio on http://almusawwir.org/2007/12/29/learning-from-history/ (29-12-2007)
      We make the transition to the time of Al Imam Al Khomeini and we see the same thing- we see a revolutionary and radical transformation that set inside a particular culture and society that had its Asabiyyah, its taste of wealth- these elements were there. Al Imam, just like the Prophet (he’s an Imam, that’s a Prophet; we’re not saying the Imam’s a Prophet), but just like the Prophet, we managed to, on the surface of things, defeat these combined forces of class and nationalism. Nationalism is the twin brother of racism. He managed to defeat that, but does that mean that it went away or it’s gone? NO! It was there; what it did was just as it did 1,400 years ago, it went underground. It hid itself waiting for the opportune moment or a potential “Uthman” to come along and if someone like that appears, then we’re going to see the vicious comeback of these forces. It’s not simple- they’re going to argue; they’re going to quote the Qur’an, the Prophet and the Imams to justify their position, Asabiyyah, nationalism and class status- it’s not lacking; they can take a look and put things out of context and say “we’re Muslims, what are you talking about?!” When the financial corruption in the state administration at him time began, he rationalized it; he said who tells me I can’t give of what I have to my relatives? Where did that come from? Isn’t there so much ayaat in the Qur’an about dha wil qurba? So what are you talking about; I’m following the Qur’an?! He had an argument for that. Of course the argument was out of context and had no basis, but nevertheless he made an argument about it; they can do the same thing today. Give them the opportunity and they will do the same thing! They will establish and argument, quote you some ahadith, ayaat and some quotes from the Imams and there they are- they going to have the power- if they have the power, what are you going to do about that? If it was not for the Revolutionary guards and the Beseeg, (do) you think we would not see Uthman and his equivalents with Asabiyyah coming back?! (As we said, we know a few of you, and we’re trying to say this as brotherly as possible, who here denies that the Iranian people (are not doing the same), just like all other peoples- this is not something peculiar to a certain people; the Arabians manifested it 1,400 years ago or so and today it is manifested by the Iranian people. There’s nothing to say that they have a feather in their head.
      And if you retreat or give up on this divine responsibility, amanah and imaan, then Allah will pass this responsibility to other people who will not duplicate your behavior (Surah Muhammed verse 38)
      That’s as simple as it gets, (if) you want your Asabiyyah, you can have it; but you’re going to have it at a very very high price. We can learn form ourselves and our history- or we can repeat these mistakes all over again. Instead of, (at that time), the Arabians coming along and destroying an Islamic state with their Asabiyyah, we’re going to have Persians coming along with their Asabiyyah and destroying this Islamic state with their Asabiyyah- we didn’t learn?! We can see that speaking to Muslims who come from a Sunni background; it’s true- they don’t want to deal with that history at all; (so) the best way out of it is “just forget it”- so they just don’t know; so we can see that if they’re going to fall into this mistake it’s (because) they never bothered to learn so we’re falling into the pit we fell into the 1st time, but you’re expected to know better; then, if you’re expected to know better and you fall into this same mistake- wayllul lakum; woe unto you- however that’s said in Persian. Of course, we could quote a few names pertaining to the current problem of Asabiyyah but we’re going to leave that to your common sense and hope you can figure out who is concerned with (let’s say), “I’m an Iranian 1st and a Muslim 2nd” or- another form of Asabiyyah is sectarianism- “I’m a Shi’i 1st and a Muslim 2nd.” How does that work?! That’s Asabiyyah in another form. We don’t think Al Imam Al Khomeini thought of himself except as a Muslim. Of course, he was an Iranian and he was a Shi’i, (no-one denies that), and his message was gaining more ground and making more break-through when he was presenting himself as a Muslim 1st and all of those other issues come later- that’s when he was appealing to not only Muslims but to the oppressed people of the world. They could identify with him, but when you come and throw these images and sometimes these stereotypes on him, you’ve isolated him from the potential world that he belonged to. We’re sorry, but this is what’s happening; some people think that doing this is doing exactly the right thing.
      … they think in doing this they are doing the best thing they can do
      We have this- are we going to deal with it? It is only the enlightened leadership that we, Muslims, have that can see what is taking place and preserve what has been so far accomplished, (as mush as it could), with some of the drawbacks that we are familiar with. May Allah forbid- but if this opens itself up to Asabiyyah it’s going to be self-consumed; it will go off course and generations from now it will look back and think we had an Islamic attempt to regroup in Iran but the elements of Asabiyyah devoured it. That’s how it will look in generations to come if we are not careful, don’t know, our eyes are not open and if we can’t identify who is who.
      When we speak about our common enemies- they love this; this is a dream come true. Why do you think the United States government -you can’t keep count of these satellite stations they have beamed to Iran ; they keep on reproducing like mice- don’t have a fraction of that beamed to China. China has. Why don’t they have 24 or 27 Chinese satellites beaming into China where the real threat is?! (Population wise, let’s say Iran has 70 to 75 million people; China has 1 billion people). Right now, the big scare in the media is “Iran is trying to acquire nuclear technology”; China has had nuclear technology for, (we don’t know), how many years; they’re talking about Iran has some oil wealth, China has around $1 trillion in it’s treasury, which it is holding to support the dollar- what if they just got rid of that?! The dollar would come crumbling down. What you have been listening to in these minutes, some people will just say “this is something that should not be (expressed). Why shouldn’t it be expressed?! If there’s a law in the United States against expressing our mind on the political issues of the day, tell us where that law is! The last time we checked, we had a Constitution that had a 2nd Amendment that says “there’s a Bill of Rights that guarantees Freedom of Expression, Assembly, Religion” and then some Muslims here still think they are living somewhere in the tin-pot dictators countries where you can’t express these things. Of course, we know that right now, the United States is nervous- why is it nervous? Because the truth is beginning to catch up with it. Before, they used to lie and then it took about 10 years to figure “Oh! That was a lie!” Now, it’s not taking 10 years; between 10 days and 10 weeks, depending on what the lie is, people are beginning to figure it out; so their lies are catching up with them. They don’t have that buffer of time they used to have so they’re nervous. OK- what do you want them to be? (Do) you want imperialism and zionism to be relaxed? No- we don’t want it to be relaxed; we want it to be nervous. We don’t know about this crowd- usually there’s one-or-two bad apples and they go and tell there connections in the Feds or wherever “this guy spoke about imperialism, zionism, Imam Khomeini, revolution.” So what?! We do speak about them; (we don’t know if this is going to happen or not), but if someone is going to come around and has any concerns about what is being said by yours truly- refer them to us. Tell them “that’s what he said, go to him and talk to him about it,” or have a disclaimer here- “we are not responsible for the opinions expressed in the programs that are held here.” If that’s going to make you feel more comfortable, just put a disclaimer. So, when they’re taking that video and the video somehow gets into these hands, just put a disclaimer on it, and then you’re free.” Howard Zins, Chomsky, Amy Goodman etc. speaks against imperialism and zionism and there’s a host of academics, professionals, activists- everyone speaks against it, but when it comes to us, Muslims, it’s speak no evil, hear no evil. This is who we are?! We can’t believe this! We’ve taken a dip from 25-to-30 years ago when this revolution was in its prime to right now, with come people thinking “?It’s not wise to speak about this! The smart person is the one who stays silent.” The hadith says he who remains silent pertaining to Al Haqq has the Shaytaan at his feet.
      To come to the 3rd segment of this presentation, i.e. “Zionist Muslims.” This sounds funny- but what are we talking about? We’re talking about these types of Muslims who are Muslims by their traditions and cultures but zionists by their convictions and ideology. There’s plenty of them, especially when you go up the ladder of power in Muslim countries and communities around here, in the United States. Our humble speaker was speaking to one of the brothers about this Annapolis Conference that was held in November a few days ago. The United States put together its clout and it came down to these nation states in the Middle East and it said to them “Come to Annapolis .” They came to Annapolis and there were people who were demonstrating against this. There were some zionist jews and anti-zionist jews who were out in front of the building, the Navan Academy, who were demonstrating against/for this conference and one of these Rabbis our humble speaker saw the following day said “I’m surprised; I didn’t see any Palestinians who were demonstrating to somehow make their voices known.” The speaker said “Well Rabbi- some of these Arabs and Palestinians get their signals from the Embassies and power centers, (literally),and they follow these signals and they were not signaled to go to Annapolis . So, you have more Freedom of Conscience and you’re doing the right thing.” When it comes to the Day of Al Quds, some Muslims say “Where are the Palestinians!?” Is this a Palestinian issue? Is this an issue of Assabiyah!? If this is a Palestinian issue we don’t understand our ownselves. If this is a Palestinian issue, (whether you know it or not), you just cast it in an Assabiyah configuration. This is not a Palestinian issue; this is an Islamic issue. If, (for one minute), the Muslim public mind/you were to think the occupation of Palestine is a Palestinian issue, we have, (more or less), surrendered this land to the zionist usurpers and occupiers of Al Ard Al Mubarak and Al Ard Al Muqaddas- it’s not; this is an Islamic issue. When Al Imam Al Khomeini spoke about Palestine and Al Quds, was he speaking about this as a Palestinian issue? What happened? Either we didn’t understand him at the time and we were just going along because he is an Imam or we understood him and now that the Imam is gone, we have to flow with the current trends. What does it mean if these currents and trends give some type of merit to the Saudi and Egyptian government and thus the Palestinian Authority and the rest of these imperialist clients in the area? Are we some type of qaboos in the choo-choo train of imperialism and zionism? What defines our Islam and Iman is or justice motivated and justice centered convictions. If we don’t have an obsession with justice, we’ve lost our Islamic course. We want to ask you, (we’ll answer, don’t worry), what’s the crime or sin that Allah will never forgive? (It’s) Shirk. What is Shirk? Allah defines what is Shirk. He says
      Certainly Shirk is a magnanimous or overwhelming or grand dhulm (Surah Luqman verse 13)
      You all know what dhulm is. (It’s) injustice and oppression. In this world, what’s the gargantuan manifestation of dhulm? (It’s) imperialism and zionism. Can you have more condensation and co-adulation of dhulm in this world than zionism and imperialism working together? That is a Shirk no-one can miss, but when the word Shirk is used, none of us think of zionism and imperialism. What happened? Allah is not going to forgive this Shirk; He’ll never forgive zionism and imperialism for what they are- now, we can break them down and talk about zionism and imperialism and what it does; how it plunders the resources and steals the belongings of other peoples in the world and how zionism is racism and all of this, but to begin with they have usurped Allah’s Authority and Power and allocated it to themselves; so, they have become competitors with Allah and they are competing with Allah so much that now we have to factor in the priorities of zionism and imperialism to the extent that we have to remain silent when they dictate that silence! Tell us that that is not dhulmun adheem! A last word on Zionist Muslims- we have jews who are zionists but somehow that can be explained in a contorted and tortured way. They come and say “Oh No! All these people in the world have some land or territory that they live on and consider their homeland but the jews don’t have a homeland in this world; so why can’t this also be the case for the jews. ” So, they try to build a case for Zionism. Of course, they confuse the word homeland with the word nation-state. They use the word homeland to appeal to human sympathies and common sense, but they’re not looking for a homeland, they’re looking for a nation-state of a power center for themselves and that is the zionist state that they have. Then we also have the Christian zionists and that also has in a round about fashion its own explanation. They say “Wait a minute, you read the bible and the Bible says that this land belongs to the children of Israel the Chosen People but when you come to a Muslim where does he get his justification for zionism and having a peace with the Zionist. (We don’t know if you can remember, (this is about maybe 14 years ago), after Oslo and all of this there was this major drive in trying to have Muslims have some kind of peace agreements with the Israeli nation-state so the Egyptian government comes down on the Director or Head of the Azhar saying “can you write a fatwa saying that it is alright to enter into a peace agreement with the Israelis?”  Yeh- the Egyptian government tells him do it and he does it- how do we describe this type of person? This past week there was a news item, (we’re going to tell you what the news item was, but after that if you’ve heard of this news item just raise your hand- that’s all we’re asking because we’re just curious to know how many of you have heard of this (and) so that we can know how efficient the media is in trying to filter out some of these developments in the Muslim world), the British Ambassador in Egypt goes to one of the Masjids in Egypt, obviously in Cairo somewhere, and when he enters the Masjid the Muslims say tala’ul badru alayna min thaniyatil wada’ wa jaba shukru alayna mimma lillah hida’a (i.e.) what was said to the Prophet when he went to Al Medinah; they said this to the British Ambassador when he came into the Masjid. We gave you this news item- how many of you heard it? No one! (Do) you see how efficient they are in taking away something like this. It indicates or tells a lot- obviously they know if this news item was to be flashed to Muslim public opinion something is going to happen; so keep it away, don’t bring it to their attention. That’s how they want us to be. What is this? It’s only expressing the truth, which takes us back full circle right now as to the mission of the Prophet, the mission of Imam Khomeini and that is simply saying “the bottom line is you simply express the truth; don’t bottle it in; don’t postpone it to another year or occasion when the truth has to be said you express the truth.” There is no problem in expressing the truth on many issues around. You can step outside and see a tree that’s blossoming and you can say “there is a tree that’s blossoming, it is green.” No one is going to object to you. Is anyone going to put you in prison for that? Obviously not! You can step outside and see a 1991 or 92 Mercedes Benz and say “there’s a 1991 or 92 Mercedes Benz.” That’s the truth; that’s what you saw- is anyone going to object to you? No! You can express the truth pertaining to some issues in society. (Take a) look downtown- there’s a street in which there is prostitutes and brothels and all of these, (almost every city has a street where there is brothels and prostitutes in that area), is anyone going to say anything? No! That’s the truth. You’ve expressed the truth, but there’s an area where you express the truth and everyone is nervous. That’s when you begin to say that a President of a certain country has invaded and occupied another country and he had no basis for doing that; he was lying and the people around him were lying- that’s the truth. So why is it that we can express one truth and can’t express another truth? Has the truth been subjected to the forces of the market? If it is profitable or workable we are going to say it but if saying this truth means that the FBI is going to make a record of it or I may not get a security clearance or a promotion or these other consideration then at that time I can no longer say the truth. This can be understandable concerning maybe a semi-educated person, but when it comes to those who are expected to pronounce the truth how can we understand this? When it comes go to the Ulema’ and the followers of the Prophet’s and Apostles examples and when they don’t say the truth then there is something wrong- something is really wrong! What is wrong with them? When you that a very close look at them what is wrong with them is that they never understood that their mission is to set out and to see to it that justice is done. If the truth is not going to be expressed in its time and place justice will never be done; if our tongues are tied, if our minds are muzzled (and) if our conscience is clouded with the materialism of this world then we have failed our selves, our leaders, our Prophets and ultimately Allah.
      We hope our humble speaker did not get on anyone’s nerves; we tried as much as possible to communicate to you some of the ideas that should be, (we think), center piece in the discussions and presentations that the Muslims have. Just in case we have left some gaps that have not been clarified, (we know that some of these areas need a little more details), we’re here to try and clarify any of these points. May Allah forgive us if we’ve slipped in an area or subject and may He reinforce our convictions if in what we have said we have expressed the truth.

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