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    MASAJID ALLAH…JUSTICE Allah says- this is an ayah that we cite every Friday at the end of this Jum’ah, particular and distinguished as it is; this is not a
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      Allah says- this is an ayah that we cite every Friday at the end of this Jum’ah, particular and distinguished as it is; this is not a Jum’ah like other Jum’ahs in the Masajid; this is a Jum’ah on the frontline and in the midst of reality. The ayah as it turns out into English comes out as follows
      Who could be more offensive and nefarious on in violation of justice than those who bar or ban or deter a massive consciousness of Allah expressed as it is within Masajid of Allah and thus endeavor to destroy these Masajid; these types can only enter these Masajid in a state of fear, in this world their share is disgrace and humiliation and in the final life their share is a tremendous torment . (Surah Al Baqarah verse 114)
      This ayah in Surat Al Baqarah, (as we recall), is most apt to describe the people who are in-charge of Al Masjid Al Haram and many other Masajid around the world, including this one here, which we have been blocked from for the interval of the past 25 years or a quarter of a century. This ayah should not ring hollow, particularly for those who come here every Friday. This ayah that is mentioned in Surat Al Baqarah is all inclusive within its meanings any human beings who act as if they have the right and power to exclude other Muslims from entering or from access to Al Masjid Al Haram, and to the Masjid in Washington Dc or to any other Masjid around or anywhere in the world. Allah’s words, not ours…
      Who could be more offensive and nefarious on in violation of justice than those who bar or ban or deter a massive consciousness of Allah expressed as it is within Masajid of Allah… (Surah Al Baqarah verse 114)
      The superficial retort or artificial response to this is “Look- these people who run the Masjid show are not barring everyone from entering the Masjid; look- there are people who go inside the Masjid- you can watch them with your own eyes! They’re within your own view! People are going in there!” To have a further understanding of this ayah- we realize that it was revealed and presented to us concerning the people who we in control of Makkah at the time this Qur’an was disclosed to man and the people who were in control of Makkah were the Mushrikeen. Today, the same superficial Muslims come and tell us that this ayah does not apply because the people in control or in-charge of Makkah are Muslimeen. We tell them we identify and define people the way Allah identifies and defines them. When this ayah was revealed it was speaking about the Mushrikeen in Makkah who did not permit Muslims, when they gained power, to go to the Haram. Mind you- before Muslims gained power, they had access to the Haram. The Prophet of Allah used to go to the Haram when he was in Makkah; (it’s true that) he was humiliated, harassed and physically affronted in the Haram but no one was telling him you cannot come into this Haram. When the Prophet became a “man of power and statesman and a leader” (so to speak), at that time the Mushrikeen of Makkah began to turn the screws of control against the Muslims and tell them we will not permit you into this Haram- everyone else is welcome to come. These Mushrikeen in Makkah were people who were observing the “Islamic rituals” that traced back to Ibrahim (alaih salaam), the 1st Muslim, but yet Allah says these are Mushrikeen. Today we have a mentality and a mindset that cannot clear the air on this subject; we remain locked in a ritual-conventional-cultural-traditional definition of whom people are and these ayaat of Allah and the motions of His Prophet are trying to release us from this prison that we voluntarily lock ourselves up within! By reading, contemplating and re-thinking the words and meanings of this Qur’an we begin to understand that one of the descriptions of the Mushrikeen throughout time- the Mushrikeen who are not influenced by cultural definitions and who are not protected by false translations- are the ones who demonstrate their character and behavior by what they do. Allah describes shirk as
      …Certainly Ash Shirk is a manifest, momentous and a monumental injustice (Surah Luqman verse 13)
      How come we now have a world in which operators of Shirk, crooks, culprits and criminals who are guilty of Shirk are cloaked in an Islamic garb and presenting themselves as the maintainers of the Holy of Holies; the protectors of Makkah and Al Medinah; and the Custodian of the two Harams?! How come we have these types of people who present themselves to us as being bona fide Muslims when they are in fact, by the words of Allah and the demonstration of the Sunnah Mushrikeen and it doesn’t matter if they were born inside the Ka’bah, or in the vicinity of the Ka’bah- where do you think the enemies of Allah’s Prophet were born?! It doesn’t matter if they were drinking the water of zam-zam everyday and if they put it in their refrigerators and have it with every meal; it doesn’t matter if they put on a show of Islamic rituals by going through their ruku’ and sujood in Makkah or Al Medinah?! It doesn’t matter if they wear what is called the Islamic thawb or cloth and claim to be men of that cloth!
      Who could be more offensive and nefarious on in violation of justice than those who bar or ban or deter a massive consciousness of Allah expressed as it is within Masajid of Allah… (Surah Al Baqarah verse 114)
      The question here, is a rebuking question, meaning there can be no one who is more offending and nefarious than those who bar and ban the consciousness to be expressed in these Masajid (irrespective of) whether it is Al Masjid Al Haram in the time of Allah’s Prophet or Al Masjid Al Haram during our time; or whether it is an isolated Masjid in Africa or Asia or a prominent Masjid in London or Washington DC- it doesn’t matter. These people who are in control of these Masajid have made it impossible to have a functional and social consciousness of Allah take root in these Masajid. Therefore no one can supersede them in their dhulm.
      and thus endeavor to destroy these Masajid… (Surah Al Baqarah verse 114)
      Life is a dynamic. Some people may think that people who have money and power, i.e. the finances and the military, can get away with what they want to do and there can be some type of limitation to the harm that they are doing. Allah says NO- once the ball begins rolling it has a snow-ball effect. By stifling and suffocating the Masajid from a massive social and functional consciousness of Allah what they do is they destroy these Masajid. The momentum becomes the destruction of these Masajid (which) doesn’t mean the physical or material destruction of these Masajid. You can see- (take a) look at the stones, as elaborate and well constructed as they are- they’re solidly there structurally or physically, but when it comes to the human component, occupant or element of these Masajid, it’s in a state of deterioration until it reaches a point of ruin- barring an Islamic fervent consciousness of Allah in these Masajid will lead to their destruction and demolition, (one way or the other), if not physically then humanly. The names of these types of people are not very well known- the name of the person who runs the Islamic Centre is on the books, he can’t hide himself; his name is well known but he’s just a puppet in a larger scheme of things. This larger plan wants to immobilize and paralyze any potential re-awakening that is born inside these Masajid. We have to say (and repeat as we did previously, because it merits to be mentioned again), these Shayateen bring a person in the Masjid who has African features. For what? This is not perchance; they know that the nature of the city that we are in, here in Washington DC and they know that racism runs bone-deep in this society, so they place an image in that Masjid who can try as much as possible, (at least if he has nothing to say from his head and heart, (throughout these years we have not heard anything of substance coming from his head and heart), so they leave him with his appearance- maybe that appearance will cause some people to continue to come to this Centre. Unfortunately, throughout these years we have seen that this, (to a certain degree), has had some effect. Even some brothers whom we have known for decades- because they’re African-Americans and the person appointed by the monster of the ages, (i.e. the colonialists of the past and the imperialist of today), is an African-American, they can’t see the larger picture. They say “ah- he’s a nice brother; let’s go and pray in the Islamic Centre of Washington DC .” Why have they been avoiding us for all of these years? We’ve been here for over a-quarter-of-a-century, (25 years plus), and not once in these 25 years have we encountered any of them! (Take a) look- there’s only 50 to 80 meters from where we are to where they are and after Jum’ah prayers those of us who are asking questions and those of us who are seeking answers linger on for at least half-an-hour to an hour after Jum’ah prayers; you would think that someone in their right behavior or just normally would walk in our vicinity- not even that occurred in these 25 years! Why? We don’t have any weapons or any motivation to embark on a criminal or anything like that. They know probably as well as we ourselves know that we are Muslims of principle and the more these years pile on, the more certain they are that we are Muslims of principle- they can’t just walk by and say “Assalaamualaykum?!” We wonder what the feelings inside of them are on this day every week. You calculate- every year is 52 and the Eids are 2- that’s 54 times every year; multiply that by 25 years and not once have they come and just passed us by, which means that they are running away from normal behavior. If we are brother Muslims and they are brother Muslims, why are they hiding?
      On other occasions- and it was only 2 or 3 times that we know of when our brother speaker was invited to a certain activity, that person who occupies the Mimbar inside this Masjid today didn’t show up in a couple of them and the one time that he did show up, he made sure that he left immediately and that he was not around. What is he going to see if he finds someone like us? He’s going to see his ugly conscience in the mirror. Doesn’t it say that Allah’s Prophet said a committed Muslim is a mirror of his brother? We don’t know if we can stretch this hadith to include the person who is now satisfied with being in the position that he is in? If he sees any of us, he’s not going to see anything good- not because we look bad, but because he looks bad! The ayah in the Qur’an says
      and if they are requested to come to Allah and to His Messenger so that they arbitrate the affair, you find that they are turning away… (Surah verse )
      It’s been all along- we’ve lost our voice in the past 25 years saying to the people who have stolen the Islamic Center “What is it? If we have some difference, this is Allah and His Prophet between us and you.” What do they expect? What should anyone expect us to say?
      … but if Al Haqq was on their side they would come to Allah and His Prophet (Surah  verse )
      No questions asked! But this ayah describes their nature and who they really are. They know that Al Haqq is not on their side so they don’t want to hear about Allah and his Prophet. (It is) true that they have been experiencing good weather, physically speaking; we have been out in the elements in these Jum’ahs. Today happens to be a very good day, it’s not typical; in the winter time we are under the elements- there’s snow, rain, freezing temperatures and biting winds- and we experienced that; we didn’t do that because it was our choice! If we had access to the Masjid we would be inside the Masjid- make no mistake about that- not as some rumor mongering individuals describe us (i.e.) “H, they want to be out on the street. This is a land of freedom and they chose to be in the Street.” That is absolutely a lie! We are not in the street by our own choice; we are in the street because of our own principle and they have been inside the Masjid with the heat in the Winter time and the air conditioning in the Summer time. In Summer we literally sweat. Do you think that all of this has been in vain? We thank Allah; we guard against Allah’s corrective measures by maintaining this position of principal throughout the past quarter-of-a-century. The clock is ticking; we are closely approaching the work that we have done. There’s an expression taken from Islamic literature from the Prophetic era- when a person dies they say qadima ala maa amil which means he has reached or approached what he has done; that’s another expression for a person passing on. At that moment you meet what you did. In our lifetime we have a good amount of years doing what we are inevitably approaching and so do they- how are they going to answer when they can’t reply to man! An average Muslim goes to them and asks “We want to know why is there a Jum’ah in the street?!” They have no answer accept fabrications- they can’t speak the truth and here we are, we have the truth to say; we have nothing to hide. Some Muslims are afraid to speak the truth! Afraid of what?! What are they afraid of? We’ve been speaking the truth here and we invite everyone to come and listen- if you’re a Muslim or even if you’re not a Muslim, please come and listen to the truth; if you are spies, informers, (and we know that there are spies and informers out there), confused, demoralized or whoever you are, we have nothing to hide; this is the hour of truth every week and we will not step down, back or out of expressing this truth. If the price of expressing the truth is that we are going to be thrown out to the elements- that may be the way that they see it. The way we see it is that it’s not that we have been thrown out to the elements as much as it is that we are accommodated by Allah.
      Brothers and sisters, Muslims on As Siraat Al Mustaqeem…
      All the Muslims read about Prophets. We read about Nuh, Ibrahim, Yunus, Musa and all the rest (alahim as salaam). Reading is one thing but behaving is another matter. As an example, when Nuh was struggling for centuries with a society that displays some of the characteristics that are displayed in the society that we are in or that we consider ourselves part of, (you can take your own definition)- after a few years, they say “There’s no response; let’s go home; fold our activities; or let us satisfy ourselves with some ayaat or du’a and that’s the end of it.” Where is the human effort, time and sacrifice that you offer Allah?! It’s easy to do that, but when you do that and go home or to an Islamic Center that is, (once again), in the image of this Islamic Center, ask yourself what are you doing? The Prophets did not go home. These Prophets that we look at, and that are mentioned in the Qur’an did not build some Masajid and when the people gave up on them they went into the Masajid  and began to raise their voices in some formula of dhikr; these Prophets were positioned deep down inside the facts and reality of the people around them. They could not go to places (to) which they wanted to go. These Prophets were Prophets of principal and they stood their ground and they honored their principal and pledged to Allah and then, whatever happened after that Allah measured it to happen. When Nuh spent a life-time of hundreds of years, the end result of that was not retiring from Allah. The end result of that was that in those last years he oriented himself beseeching Allah
      I am overwhelmed am mistreated, have your victory and assistance take its course (Surah  verse )
      In all of these years he forgot himself. He didn’t say to Allah “give me victory.” He just said have victory be you’re course and you’re cause and make it happen. We saw how the world around him sank in a deluge. We have no insight or no laboratory answers into how this works, but if people of principle don’t capitulate or withdraw and if they are not neutralized or pacified and if they stay their principal things will happen once they are no longer themselves and become part of Allah. We know some minds just need a clarification on this statement becoming part of Allah- the Prophet of Allah says Allah says “My subject continues to approach me with extra activity until I become his eye and his ear and until I become his hand and his leg. Of course Allah’s not my or your hand or eye in the physical sense, (hence the clarification was needed); when Muslims devoted to Allah because of their principal reach that rank and degree things begin to happen. It hasn’t been a long time- 25 years ago- when this power structure had us out in the street; (we look back at it as if it was 25 days or less), and this was a power structure where if someone sneezes in Washington DC someone else catches a cold in Africa or Asia- that was the type of power structure! What are we looking at today? The crumbling of this power-structure- we attribute that to the Muslims who live and die on their principal and we hope that we are included among them.

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