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    http://www.malaysiakini.com TUESDAY - January 2 I was ordered to strip naked, Suhakam witness testifies Leong Kar Yen 8:11pm, Tue: Witness Norazimah Mohd Nor
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      TUESDAY - January 2

      I was ordered to strip naked, Suhakam witness testifies
      Leong Kar Yen

      8:11pm, Tue: Witness Norazimah Mohd Nor told the Human Rights
      Commission (Suhakam) inquiry this afternoon that she was ordered by a
      policewoman to take off her clothes, including her underclothes.

      Human rights watchdog invited to observe gathering
      Leong Kar Yen

      8:27pm, Tue: The Human Rights Commission (Suhakam) today received an
      invitation to observe Keadilan's second "100,000 People's Gathering"
      to be held later this month.

      Victim suffered fractured skull, doctor tells inquiry
      Leong Kar Yen

      7:24pm, Tue: updated version A doctor told a Suhakam inquiry today
      that a participant of the "100,000 People's Gathering" on Nov 5 at
      the Kesas Highway suffered a fractured skull after being hit by a
      tear-gas canister.

      Judicial reforms `an uphill task'
      K Kabilan and Steven Gan

      4:07pm, Tue: The de facto law minister Dr Rais Yatim said that he
      faces an uphill task in bringing about changes to the judicial

      Not easy to bring changes

      4:11pm, Tue: exclusive First part of malaysiakini interview with de
      facto law minister Rais Yatim.

      Villagers want school preserved
      Zakiah Koya

      6:31pm, Tue: The villagers of Damansara New Village oppose fully the
      moving of all 1,400 students of SRJK (C) Damansara to another Chinese
      school as they feel that this might lead to the closure of the 70-
      year-old school.

      Polis sekat majlis buku Parti Buruh Malaya
      `Ein Azmi dan R Navanitham

      5:18pm, Tue: Pihak polis telah menghentikan majlis pelancaran buku
      Sejarah Perjuangan Parti Buruh Malaya (PBM) Ahad lalu di Sun Complex,
      Kuala Lumpur, dakwa seorang bekas ahli parti itu.

      Perjury accused claims his testimony based on memory
      Ajinder Kaur

      5:07pm, Tue: Hulu Kelang state assembly member Mohamed Azmin Ali, in
      his defence to the charge of perjury, told the Sessions Court today
      that his testimony in the corruption trial of former deputy prime
      minister Anwar Ibrahim was based on his memory and perception of what
      he had told a magistrate.

      `Malay daily's open letter counters PM's claim'
      Ajinder Kaur

      7:50pm, Tue: Utusan Malaysia's frontpaged "Open Letter to Malays"
      yesterday is a clear rebuttal of Prime Minister Dr Mahathir Mohamad's
      statement that the "Malay unity" call was to safeguard Malay
      interests and not to oppose or create animosity with others, an
      opposition leader said today.


      Ex-deputy challenges Taib Mahmud's iron grip
      Tony Thien

      10:39am, Tue: It is official now: Parti Pesaka Bumiputra's (PBB)
      former deputy president Abang Abu Bakar is to challenge Chief
      Minister and PBB president Abdul Taib Mahmud in the Asajaya state
      constituency near Kuching in the forthcoming state elections.


      Polygamy: a solution to women's financial needs?
      Salbiah Ahmad

      Jan 2: new Yayori (not her real name), over buka puasa last Ramadan,
      said she was puzzled over the relevance of war and orphaned Muslim
      women in the Malaysian context.


      How to make a million Bumiputras happy

      SH Mohamed

      3:36pm, Tue: The government, based on a certain logic, has decided
      to purchase Malay entrepreneur Tajudin Ramli's 29 percent stake in
      the beleaguered MAS...

      What's next after MAS?

      3:34pm, Tue: MAS is not the only company/privatised government
      entity to enjoy such a bail ... sorry, subsidisation. The Mass
      Transit System also gets a cash prize of RM6 billion.

      Don't split the votes, DAP
      United We Stand

      3:33pm, Tue: I refer to your story, Sarawak DAP confident of support
      on `quit' decision (Dec 20).

      Reform education system first

      3:27pm, Tue: As the discussion rages on on whether Suqiu's appeals
      are to be entertained or not, there might be a compromise...

      GPMS barking up the wrong tree
      TY Lee

      3:26pm, Tue: So there are now new hounds to bay to the moon?

      Cut talk on cancelling special rights

      3:25pm, Tue: I'm glad that Zakaria Maria understands Suqiu's appeals
      and thank him for his support (As a Muslim, I'm for Suqiu, Dec 23).

      Here's to a fair and equitable future for all
      Shaharuddin Mohamed
      Lunas, Kedah

      3:23pm, Tue: I read with extreme pleasure that my Muslim brother
      Zakaria Maria is for Suqiu (As a Muslim, I'm for Suqiu, Dec 23).

      Are there `rights' in a borderless world?
      Irony and Logic

      3:19pm, Tue: There has been so much discussion on whether it is
      Malay rights or privileges that are being questioned, whether it is
      enshrined in the constitution or not, whether it involves a social
      contract, etc. that I wonder whether we are barking up the wrong

      When will we take the first step?

      3:18pm, Tue: I was fascinated and subsequently disappointed by the
      ideas Amri Rahayat expressed in his letter, Break free and we're dead
      (Dec 23).

      A mirage of democracy
      Anuar Rashid

      3:16pm, Tue: I think that we have come some way towards change in
      governance and democracy in our country as the new year begins.

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