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malaysiakini NEWSFLASH (April 3)

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      WEEKEND EDITION - April 1-2
      Opinion & Features

      Land rights and Asian values
      Chendang Hollis

      April 1: Prime Minister Mahathir Mohamad recently defined Asian
      values as "an absence of extreme individualism, a sense of
      responsibility for the community, belief in strong family, reverence
      for education, frugality, hard work, national teamwork, a social
      contract between the people and the state, moral wholesomeness, a
      free but responsible press, a belief in citizens as stake holders,
      and respect for the environment". [Full Story]

      Private healthcare, public expense
      Dr Avicenna

      April 1: Health Minister Chua Jui Meng prior to last year's general
      election announced that the government had decided to shelve its
      privatisation policy of hospitals. His announcement was universally
      lauded as there was extreme disquiet over a policy which was seen to
      be wasteful and particularly disadvantageous to the lower income
      groups in Malaysia. [Full Story]

      Masih ada 'saki-baki' nepotisme Umno: Zahid

      April 1: Bekas Ketua Pemuda Umno, Datuk Ahmad Zahid Hamidi, yang
      kontroversi dan dahulunya dianggap orang kanan bekas Timbalan Perdana
      Menteri, Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim, bercakap mengenai perbezaan Datuk
      Seri Abdullah Badawi dengan Anwar, kesan pengaruh internet, saki-baki
      nepotisme dan pengalaman dalam tahanan ISA (akta keselamatan dalam
      negeri). [Laporan Penuh]

      Cover up in Terengganu
      R. Mageswari

      April 1: Four months after taking over the east coast state of
      Terengganu, new head Abdul Hadi Awang announced a ruling making it
      mandatory for Muslim women to wear headscarves in public and their
      working places. His officers will be meeting business owners to brief
      them on the new dress code for Muslim female workers. Non-Muslim
      employers whose staff are found not adhering to the ruling can be
      fined. The state has yet to decide on the sum. [Full Story]

      The new revolution in Iran
      Farish A Noor

      April 1: By now the verdict from the latest election results in Iran
      is clear. The people of Iran have opted to go with the reformers led
      by Mohammad Reza Khatami and they have voted out the conservatives of
      the old school. The reformers have taken Tehran, won control of more
      than two-thirds of the Iranian Assembly and it is clear that the tide
      has turned against those who hope to keep to the dogmatic approach of
      the past. [Full Story]


      Chong Yen Long

      Form and substance

      April 1: The normally low-profile Anti-Corrution Agency made a rare
      appearance on the front page of a local newspaper on Wednesday as its
      chief, Ahmad Zaki Husin, engaged in a signing of an memorandum of
      understanding (MOU) with the Road Transport Department counterpart,
      in the first of a series of "smart partnership agreements with
      government agencies to stamp out corruption" in the civil service.

      April 1-2

      Punishment must fit the crime
      And Justice For All

      I write in reply to the letter by Louis Joseph (Poll Respondents Were
      Pro-Reformasi, March 29). I do not know where his definition
      of "informed people" comes from, but it is my opinion that it is as
      arbitrary as it is subjective.

      Errant cops: KL vs New York
      Adely Mahyuddin

      'Malaysiakini' fair
      Teh Oh Peng

      PAS-DAP nexus better than Umno-MCA
      Kevin Gan

      UUM tidak bertamadun

      Azan wake-up call
      VC Mohan

      Shameful Malaysian journalists
      Tsu Nam

      Astro fiasco is hysterical
      Abigail de

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