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Re: Bringing Malayalam Unicode Awareness

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  • Baiju M
    ... Ministry of IT (govt. of india) has propsed to include Malayalam chillus in Malayalam unicode character set range.
    Message 1 of 7 , Sep 22, 2002
      --- In malayalamlinux@y..., "human_rationalist" <yahoo@k...> wrote:
      > Hi does anyone know why
      > there are very few characters in the Malayalam Unicode layout. Are
      > there any efforts underway to add more characters to this list.

      Ministry of IT (govt. of india) has propsed to include Malayalam chillus
      in Malayalam unicode character set range.


      I don't know the status of this proposal.
      If anyone knows the status, please inform me.

      Few years back there was a proposal to include chilllus and signs of
      Malayalam 'madyamangals', But that proposal completely rejected by
      Unicode consortium.

      Now for chillus are mapped as "consonant + chandrakkala + Zero Width
      Joiner (ZWJ)"

      And we can use Zero Width Non Joiner (ZWNJ) for visual splitting of

      But In the keyboard layout proposed by Kerala govt. includes single
      keys for chillus, and they provided a 'NUK' key also. In the keyboard
      layout implimented in X window system has support for this layout and
      I used ZWNJ in the position of 'NUK' key.So that if any one want a
      visual splitting of characters (eg:- for demo or printing purpose) the
      can use 'NUK' key.

      And in the sorting order defined in 'locale' , will incude ZWJ for
      mapping of chillus, so that sorting also won't be a problem.

      If the current proposal is going to be accepted, we can write a simple
      script to replace all chillus with new standared.
      Then, the 'XKB' file for keyboard map won't be re-write, because I
      have selected the new proposed positions of chillus in that file, then
      we can remove 'Compose' file (which maps this keystrokes into the
      current standared mapping).

      Baiju M
    • Mahesh T Pai
      ... And, download it from ftp://ftp.arnes.si/software/gimp-win/gimp-1.2.3-20020527-setup.zip and / or
      Message 2 of 7 , Sep 23, 2002
        Baiju M wrote:

        > 1. GIMP (http://www.gimp.org) will be much powerfull image manipulation than
        > any non-free s/w

        And, download it from
        and / or
        Latter is better - just unzip it into some directory, (say <somedrive>:\Program
        files\gimp, enter ..\gimp\bin, and run gimp.exe. The program will install and
        make the necessary changes to the registry when run for the first time. Make
        sure that you use screen resolution of 1024 X 786 or better; otherwise, you will
        not be able to see the whole initial (installation) screen.

        Gimp user manuals :-

        A good guide to graphics design using GIMP (hope I am not taking coal to Newcastle).

        All are real huge file, and make sure you have a real fast connection, or
        use a download manager.

        > I am a great admiror of *free* softwares (http://www.gnu.org/philosophy)
        >> I started developing malayalm fonts in TTF for Windows back in 1991 and
        >> dropped the whole thing due to lack of interst and co-operation from the
        >> community.

        Community is interested, and is always on look out for good fonts.

        >> I was quite taken aback by the progress you have made in bringing Malayalam
        >> support for Linux. Indeed its a great appreciation I wish to join your
        >> crusade.

        Even I was impressed; and I use MS Win98. Guys, keep up. (PS:- Nov 1st is not
        far off - can the Malayalalees expect something on that day?)

        > ... windows platforms. But I have no idea about windows.

        Difficulty is that you guys are doing it at OS level. According to my
        understanding of the jargon spoken, I feel that it will be easier to switch over
        to GNU/Linux. Seems MS Win does not support Malayalam yet; each app running on
        win will have to duplicate language support - keyboard drivers, etc.

        Mahesh T Pai.
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