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  • terri@makingfriends.com
    to unsubscribe please send email to: makingfriends-unsubscribe@onelist.com ************************************* Hi Friend! It doesn t get any better then
    Message 1 of 96 , Nov 24, 2000
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      Hi Friend!

      It doesn't get any better then this:

      Order from our new store and get...
      1) FREE SWAP kit your $30 order
      2) FREE Angel Jewelry Necklace with any purchase from our gift section
      3) 10% off your order before shipping
      4) Many items on sale
      5) Discounts of Regular Priced Items

      New this week:

      -- New Section for Jewish Crafts (finally!)
      -- Make Your Own Girl Scout Gold Charms
      -- Decorated Votive Holders
      -- New Bead Projects
      -- Hanukkah Cards
      -- Craft Stick Ornaments

      Featured this week:
      -- Pilgrim Friends
      -- Gifts Kids Can Make
      -- Homemade Teacher Gifts

      On our bulletin board:
      -- Leather Crafts
      -- Ideas for Teacher
      -- Christmas Card Ornaments
      -- Ideas for Preschoolers
      -- 50's Poodle Skirts

      New Gift Items our Store... And on Sale!
      -- Stained Glass Candles, Reg $24.00, Sale $19.99
      -- Mega Fun Art Set & Carry All -- Over 250 pieces! Reg $20, Sale
      -- 67 Piece Art Set, Reg. $7.50, Sale $6.99

      More Items in our Store...
      -- Big Value 4 oz Glitter, Reg $3.99, Sale $2.99
      -- Votive Holders, Reg $.99, Sale $.79
      -- Patch Attach, Glue for Badges! $3.99

      A L E T T E R T O S A N T A . . .
      Send a letter to Santa, and Santa will send your child
      back a free personalized web e-card! Why pay for Santa letter
      services - that's NOT what Christmas is about!

      Visit Today!

      Have Fun!
      Want more ideas? Check out http://www.freekidscrafts.com
    • terrimakingfriends <terri@makingfriends.
      to unsubscribe please send email to: makingfriends-unsubscribe@yahoogroups.com ************************************* Hi Friend! Here s this week s special for
      Message 96 of 96 , Dec 7, 2002
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        Hi Friend!

        Here's this week's special for our email subscribers:

        Get $5.00 off your $50.00 order! Just enter the coupon code FIVEOFF
        in the coupon box when you check out. Make sure to hit the "redeem
        coupon" button or it will not register. Coupon expires Dec. 15, 2002.
        Everyone still gets a free perler bead kit with orders of $30 or
        more. (Offer good for new orders only, cannot be combined with any
        other coupon offer.)

        New This Week:
        -- Graffiti Scratch Art Frames
        -- Gingerbread Birdhouse Ornaments
        -- Make Your Own Christmas Cards
        -- Gingerbreadman Necklaces
        -- Paper Star SWAPs

        Featured This Week:
        -- Gifts Kids Can Make
        -- Christmas Crafts
        -- Scout Crafts
        -- Winter Crafts
        -- Summer Crafts


        Make sure to check out our "Craft-of-the-Month Club!


        "You Pick the Prize" Contest!
        Sign up for a chance to be the next winner of any one item from our
        store. Choose from bulk pack, prepacks, kits, gifts, anything item
        you want!


        On Sale in our Store...

        -- New! Birdhouse Ornament Prepack, makes 18: Reg $15.99, Sale $13.99
        -- New! Scratch Art Frames: Reg $3.99, Sale $3.50
        -- New! "Make a Gingerbread Man Stickers": Reg $2.99, Sale $2.49
        -- New! Gingerbread Man Necklace Kit, makes 12: Reg $8.99, Sale $7.99
        Don't forget your free perler kit with a $30 purchase!

        Visit Today!

        Have Fun!


        For more kids craft ideas visit http://www.freekidscrafts.com
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