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Summer Craft Contest from MakingFriends.com

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  • terrimakingfriends
    to unsubscribe please send email to: makingfriends-unsubscribe@yahoogroups.com ************************************* Hi Friend! Here s this week s special
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 12, 2002
      to unsubscribe please send email to:

      Hi Friend!

      Here's this week's special continues for our email subscribers:

      Free Pony Bead Mega Kit with your $50 order! Just enter
      the coupon code MEGABUCKET in the coupon box when you check
      out. Make sure to hit the "redeem coupon" button or it will not
      register. Coupon expires JuLY 22, 2002. Everyone still gets a free
      perler bead kit with orders of $30 or more. (Offer good for new
      orders only, cannot be combined with any other coupon offer.)

      Summer Craft Contest!!!
      We've had so many inquiries about our summer contest that we've put
      together this email to give everyone some more information.

      The Basics:
      We are asking kids of all ages (from 2 to 102) to show off their
      craft projects. Do a craft, any craft, and take a picture. Send us
      the picture by email or snail mail. Each photo you send us earns you
      one entry into our drawing for 100s of dollars in craft supplies.

      Where to Send Your Photos:
      Please include the following info...

      1. Name

      2. Address

      3. Email Address

      4. Age of crafter (for children & teens)

      5. One sentence about your project

      Send them to tbose@... or

      Summer Contest
      7 Dogwood Road
      Kings park, NY 11754

      The Prize:
      So far we have hundreds of dollars in craft supplies. Besides
      MakingFriends, sponsors will include Darice and PC Crafters. More
      sponsors are being considered. A complete prize package will be
      posted online later this month.

      The Winner:
      One of our sponsors, Darice, has asked that we add more winners.
      Instead of one winner, we will have three! Winners will be chosen at
      random on or about August 30th 2002. Due to international laws only
      US residents can be chosen as a winner but we are happy to post
      anyone's projects.

      The Projects:
      You can make your project out of anything, you do not have to buy a
      thing. Projects will be posted on our channel pages so choose
      something that fits into one of these categories:

      Making Friends Paper Dolls
      Angel Crafts
      Asian Themes
      Backpack Crafts
      Bead Projects
      Bible Crafts
      Birdhouses/Bird Crafts
      Bug Crafts
      Butterfly Crafts
      Candle Crafts
      Card Crafting
      Coloring Pages
      Classic Crafts
      Clothespin Crafts
      Craft Recipes
      Craft Sticks & Woodsies
      Dinosaur Crafts
      Dolls & Accessories
      Dress Up
      Felt & Foam Crafts
      Flower Crafts
      Frames & Photo Gifts
      Friendship Bracelets
      Fun with Learning
      Gifts Kids Can Make
      Hair Accessories
      Holiday Crafts
      Jean Crafts
      Jewelry Making
      Jewish Crafts
      Macramé Projects
      Magnet Crafts
      Make it for Your Room
      Making Instruments
      Native American Crafts
      Nature Crafts
      Party Crafts
      Patriotic Crafts
      Perler Bead Projects
      Pet Projects
      Plastic Lace Crafts
      Pokemon Crafts
      Pom Pom Crafts
      Preschool Crafts
      Recycled Projects
      Reptiles & Amphibians
      Safety Pin Projects
      Scout Crafts
      Scrapbooking w/Kids
      Seasonal Crafts
      Sewing Projects
      Shrink Art Projects
      Sixties Crafts
      Sports Crafts
      Starch Crafts
      SWAP Pins
      Teen Crafts
      Tie Dye Fun for Everyone
      Tissue Paper Crafts
      Visors Projects
      Yarn Bugs
      Yarn Crafts
      Yucky Stuff

      Many projects have already been posted.

      The photos:
      You can take your photo with a digital camera or a regular camera and
      scan it Or you can send us the actual photo. Your photo does not have
      to be professional quality but we do need it to be acceptable for
      publication. If you don't have a camera, send us the project and we
      will take the photo for you. Just be aware, that to keep costs down,
      we will not be returning anything.

      The legal stuff:
      Everything you send us becomes our property to so with as we please.
      Please do not include anyone's face. We will not be asking for a
      photo release and cannot use pictures showing someone's face without
      one. Only photos that we deem acceptable with be published. Not all
      photos will be published. You will not be notified about publication.

      Visit today!

      Watch for our regular update later this weekend.

      Have Fun!


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