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  • terri@makingfriends.com
    Apr 8, 2000
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      to unsubscribe please send email to:

      Hi Friend!

      We have a special deal just for our email subscribers. Place an order
      at our on-line store by April 14, 2000 and receive an extra 10% off
      your order (before shipping). Just put "Code 41400" in the message
      area of your order and 10% will be deducted before we process your
      credit card. You still recieve your free gift (on orders of $30 or
      more)-- even sale items are included. Visit

      Five new projects have been added including the long-awaited
      Jigglypuff pencil topper. If Pokemon's not your thing we also have a
      new bible craft -- especially good for learning the story of Passover.

      You can also get safe, easy directions for bleaching designs into
      your jeans and a new craft recipe for homemade bubble bath!

      We've added instructions and a pattern for a new girl scouts swap...
      cute Mini Sandwich Swaps.

      Final Close Out price on number beads. Reg. 99c for a dz. Now only
      19c for a dz. Quantities are limited! Many new items including some
      new bead kits for only $2.99. Visit

      Visit Today!

      Have Fun!
      Visit our sponsor: Linit Liquid Starch http://www.linit.com
      Join their free crafts club.
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