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  • terri@makingfriends.com
    Feb 6, 2000
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      Hi Friends!

      The Pokemon craft hunt is over. Hope everyone enjoyed hunting
      around the site and found plenty of new projects to try. If
      you're still looking for the Pokemon crafts we have all three
      now posted in our Pokemon Craft Section. The fourteen winners
      of our random drawing are also posted. Maybe your name is on
      the list!

      Two new clever ideas for Valentine's Day have been posted. Make
      a pin that says "I Love You" in sign language or try our Candy
      Holder Necklace made from a plastic Beanie Tag protector.

      Do you have a web site? Sign up for our affiliates program and earn
      money with a link to our craft store.

      Still need pony beads? We have again reduced our Pony Bead Kit and
      added more items to it. You can now get over 2,000 bead, 50 patterns,
      12 key rings, 12 lanyard hooks, 12 yards of satin ribbon, 2 plastic
      clips and a 17-section organizer for only $9.99: Visit
      You can also call us at 1-800-559-1182 to place your order.

      Have Fun! Visit today...

      Visit our sponsor http://www.linit.com and join their Free Crafts Club.
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