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  • terri@xxxxxxxxxxxxx.xxx
    Dec 3, 1999
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      Hi Friends!

      The votes are counted. Stop by to see who won our
      yarn bug contest!

      Lots more has been added at Making Friends. We have
      a new section for Kwanzaa Crafts that includes
      directions for a Hug Card and Candle Holders both
      can be adapted for Christmas or Hanukkah.

      We've also added directions for our Christmas Tree
      Yarn Bug and a new Countdown for Christmas Wreath.
      Also posted this week are directions for Tissue
      Paper Ornaments and Potpourri Ornaments.

      Don't miss our new Professional's Corner: A Tasty
      Tradition from Amanda at theFamilyCorner.com.

      There's still time to have your gifts delivered
      in time for Christmas. Shop at our on-line store
      for your crafter and receive a Free Mini Bead Kit.
      and get your Free Gift. You can also call us at
      1-800-559-1182 to place your order.

      Have Fun! Visit today...

      Visit our sponsor http://www.linit.com and join their Free Crafts Club.
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