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  • terri@xxxxxxxxxxxxx.xxx
    Sep 7, 1999
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      Hi Friends!

      Good stuff added this week! The much-requested trading card pouch
      has been posted with designs for both Pokemon cards and Beanie Baby
      Cards. We've also added a journal project with a choice of a denim
      retro cover or an animal face.

      These crafts start off our newest section "Gifts Kids Can Make for
      Other Kids"

      The first of our Contest Yarn Bugs have been posted. Stop by and
      rate them! Hope you are working on your Yarn Bug entry. We have
      lots of great prizes, watch for the posting!

      New items have been added at our store. Visit http://www.makingfriends.com/makingfriendsstore/index.cfm for
      great prices on your craft supplies.

      Have Fun! Visit today... http://www.makingfriends.com


      Visit our sponsor http://www.linit.com and join their Free Crafts Club.
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