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Re: Holiday greetings Hey, Judi, Wow! letting go of ten things a day is really huge! That is powerful stuff you are doing. The scrapbook is a good idea. I have struggled with this

leslie linder
Dec 21, 2006

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Re: Holiday greetings My guess is you won't have any trouble finding 10 things to get rid of for 10 days. Decluttering can be very symbolic -- housecleaning. There's a lot of

Dec 20, 2006

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Holiday greetings Hi Leslie and whoever else is reading this. I am soooo computer illiterate and am not sure if this is the way to "use" this site, but I wanted to wish you all

Dec 20, 2006

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hi, iwwg and happy holidays Hi! Hope you are having happy holidays! I apologize for not writing. I have been doing a lot of double-staffing at work due to some staff absences. Also, I

Nov 26, 2006

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Re: Thanks for getting this started! Hi, Jill! Euripidesroks equals Leslie Linder. I'm really excited that you joined the group. Judi is on board but not feeling computer-confident enough to get

leslie linder
Aug 25, 2006

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Thanks for getting this started! Hi "EuripedesRoks" and Judi, Great idea! Thanks for setting this up. I'm looking forward to sharing ideas with fellow IWWG members. Warm regards, Jill

Aug 25, 2006
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