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Re: [maineswedishcolony] greetings from an old (but still young) friend

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  • Debbie Blanchette
    Dear Eric, To think that this kid used to drive me crazy whenever I substituted for Mrs. Espling! Thanks so much for thinking of us... I have more bad news for
    Message 1 of 2 , May 2, 2003
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      Dear Eric,
      To think that this kid used to drive me crazy whenever I substituted for
      Mrs. Espling!
      Thanks so much for thinking of us... I have more bad news for you. Danny
      Bondeson died this evening from a gunshot. We don't know how or why....just
      more sadness for all of us.
      Please keep all of us in your prayers tonight... love to all of the
      Andraes and your wife.

      Debbie Blanchette
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      Subject: [maineswedishcolony] greetings from an old (but still young) friend

      > Dear friends far away, but not forgotten,
      > In the midst of this Easter season of resurrection and life, it came as a
      > sudden shock to read the sad and disturbing news in section A of the
      > Pittsburgh Post-Gazette yesterday and on the AP wire (below) today.
      > As many of you recall, my father, Rev. Hans Andrae, served the Northern
      > Maine Lutheran Parish from Oct. 1979 to Oct. 1985. We lived in the
      > next to Gustaf Adolph. I was 8 when we arrived, and 14 when we moved to
      > Pittsburgh area, where I now serve as campus pastor for the LCMS in the
      > Oakland neighborhood of the city.
      > I remember Reid Morrill well--a kind man and friendly neighbor; as my
      > said, "a real brother in Christ." I remember one summer I enjoyed feeding
      > their rabbits while they were gone on vacation.
      > How is Erich Margeson doing? Christian, his brother, was my best friend
      > those years in Maine and I spent many days and nights out in Westmanland
      > with the wonderful Margeson family.
      > My prayers and thoughts are with you.
      > In the Lord of Life,
      > Eric
      > **********************************************************
      > Pastor Eric Robert Andræ, VDM +
      > 5700 Bunkerhill St. #1801, Pgh. (Highland Park), PA 15206. 412-441-2487
      > Church poisoning shocks town--by Kevin Wack (AP)
      > NEW SWEDEN, Maine (May 2) - Residents of this potato farming community
      > themselves on the safety of their close-knit town, many boasting that they
      > don't leave their house doors locked at night.
      > Now many are scared and shocked after a fatal arsenic poisoning at a
      > function.
      > Homicide investigators said arsenic-laced coffee served at the church
      > reception following Sunday's service killed a 78-year-old man and made
      > several others sick.
      > ``I just can't believe any of it. We watch TV and things like this
      > said Pam Landeen, whose uncle, Dale Anderson, was in critical condition at
      > Bangor hospital. ``When something actually happens to you, it's hard to
      > believe.''
      > State police continued interviewing members of the congregation in the
      > community of about 650 people, including more than two dozen who had
      > and baked goods at the church that has long symbolized the cultural fabric
      > of a town settled by Swedish immigrants in the 1800s.
      > Residents had held on to hopes until Wednesday that the poisonings would
      > turn out to be accidental, said Alton Ketch. Told that it was a homicide,
      > said, ``That's what we were scared of.''
      > Following the death of Walter Reid Morrill, officials said the
      > ``has produced no evidence that ... the arsenic was introduced into the
      > brewed coffee accidentally.''
      > Two other members of the Gustaf Adolph Lutheran Church in New Sweden
      > remained in critical condition Thursday, while the condition of a third
      > upgraded from critical to serious.
      > The case was declared a homicide Thursday after laboratory tests confirmed
      > that the source of arsenic was in the brewed coffee. Arsenic also was
      > confirmed in samples from the victims, said Stephen McCausland, spokesman
      > for the Maine Public Safety Department.
      > McCausland said he did not know whether the tan stucco church, which sits
      > top of a hill near a vacant parsonage, was locked before last weekend's
      > incident. But state police do know who had access to the building, he
      > ``This case remains wide open,'' he said acknowledging that he did not
      > whether investigators had discovered any disagreements among members of
      > congregation.
      > Arsenic poisoning causes skin sores, organ injuries and has been linked to
      > cancers of the skin, lung, liver, bladder and pancreas. It is generally
      > odorless and tasteless.
      > Chief investigator Lt. Dennis Appleton, said he hopes residents being
      > questioned by police would not dismiss a disagreement they might be aware
      > as too irrelevant to mention.
      > ``I think my investigators and my interviewers can convince people that
      > the smallest thing maybe should be brought to our attention and we should
      > evaluate that,'' Appleton said.
      > Several people reported feeling sick after last weekend's reception.
      > Morrill, a longtime member of the congregation who lived next to the
      > and acted as a caretaker and head usher, died early Monday.
      > ``We don't know what the motive is. We don't know who was responsible for
      > doing this, but our investigators' focus now is to find answers to those
      > questions,'' McCausland said.
      > 05/02/03 03:21 EDT
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