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Re: Emailing: Midsommar02

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  • Bill Duncan
    Hi Gang. [See note below from Kathy Lausier] All great minds think alike. I had the same thought today talking with Rosemary Hede: we should print some
    Message 1 of 1 , May 22, 2002
      Re: Emailing: Midsommar02 Hi Gang.

      [See note below from Kathy Lausier]
      All great minds think alike. I had the same thought today talking with
      Rosemary Hede:  we should print some brochures or even the schedule page as
      a  flyer/poster.

      Kathy, Sorry you have to struggle with an old copy. I can drop off a pretty good copy in black and white if you need a new original.

      Don't forget that the up-to-date schedule is on the web at:
      I made some changes today that should make it fit a legal size page when printed. You may have to reduce the font size (on my Mac the "reduce font size" command is under the view menu). Alternatively, you may need to temporarily reduce the font size in the preferences (properties?) It  took me several tries but I finally got it down to one page.

      By the way, I am getting the feeling that there may be more people coming this year.
      What does everyone else think? We have been distributing those Swedish
      Colony guide books for almost a year. Do you suppose they may actually have an effect?

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      on 5/22/02 8:23 PM, Rita/Andy Olson at Fala77@... wrote:

      E-mail I received today.........I had sent the midsommar sheet you made

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      You know I've been getting long distance phone calls at the town office...
      people wanting information about Midsommer.  Why doesn't the committe
      arrange to leave some of these brochures at the town office.  I have to try
      to photo copy the beat up one I have... they don't photo copy very well at
      all.  Have sent out dozens.  People from out of town looking for info call
      the town office because it's the only thing listed in the phone book.  Last
      year Rena had some two sided pages run off and left me a bunch to hand out
      to people coming in the office and for those calling from out of town.  That
      was great.  This year nothing.  I ask Alwin several times to talk to who
      ever was in charge of PR but still have nothing... 'cept the one beat up
      copy I'm using.  At least I'll have this to e-mail to people now.  Thanks. K

      [clipped Schedule]
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