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      From: Edward Carhart <CARHART@...>
      Date: July 16, 2012 9:20:11 AM EDT
      Subject: RE: [maineswedishcolony] Fwd: Lina Sandell Hymns

      Thanks Bill,


      I was able to start a search on some of those websites. I’ll keep digging. I have at least found about 10 of her songs in English and the music so far.




      Ed Carhart



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      I had shared you original message on our Yahoo Egroup, MaineSwedishColony@yahoogroups.com

      Did you see this message?



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      From: Judith […]

      Date: July 13, 2012 1:22:42 PM EDT

      Subject: Re: [maineswedishcolony] Fwd: Lina Sandell Hymns



      Mr. Carhart,
       I looked up Lina Sandell info on a search last evening to find more about her and her music. I did find out quite a bit. I was not familiar with her before reading your email. I also located a couple sites in my search that have some of her music available to listen to online. My deceased maternal grandfather was a Sandell and his family lived in Smaland like Lina Sandell-Berg, but he was born in the 1880's a generation later.
       Possibly someone else at maineswedishcolony@... might know where you get some of her music. Since she was born in 1832 & passed on in 1903 that would be before phonograph records were developed.
       That is about all I can find for now.



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      Subject: [maineswedishcolony] Fwd: Lina Sandell Hymns
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      Date: Thursday, July 5, 2012, 10:52 AM




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      To Whom It May Concern:


      I am an acoustic guitar player and singer of old fashioned hymns. I am interested in finding hymns of Lina Sandell Berg which have been translated into English along with the music, other than the two standby’s ‘Day by Day’ and ‘Children of the Heavenly Father’.  I think the depth of her words and beauty of the music of Oscar Ahnfelt are more than worth sharing in this hurried, shallow age in modern  America .


      Can you help me or direct me to a place where more of her music can be obtained?


      Thank you very much.


      Edward L. Carhart




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