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Re: [maineswedishcolony] Re: Christmas in New Sweden - 1901.

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    This translation came from William Anderson. Thought I d just copy it into a message in case someone doesn t have MSWord. Thanks William! --Bill Duncan Bill,
    Message 1 of 5 , Feb 2, 2011
      This translation came from William Anderson.
      Thought I'd just copy it into a message in case someone doesn't have
      Thanks William!

      --Bill Duncan


      Here is a translation. It is always difficult to translate something
      that is intended to rhyme in the original. Also, the reference to
      the Christmas goat is correct as I understand from old Swedish
      customs before Santa.


      Christmas in New Sweden
      Paulina Malmquist

      To the end of the world, Santa in his travels came,
      and left a box, that was far from empty,
      but filled with much, both useful and fun alike,
      to father, mother and Milla, and neighbors as well.

      Now the box must opened be, 'cause restless curiosity is set aflame,
      and sugar tongs in daddy's strong hand were bent,
      With hammer and ax, noise and din is made,
      until in our sight, opened up, the box it stands.

      Now there life and stir, we were running back and forth,
      everything must be seen and all the verse also must be read,
      we read, we laughed, the packages we opened up,
      and string and paper all around were thrown.

      Now the neighbors were called, and to each was given his,
      a bigger surprise you could not have arranged,
      blankets came in a flurry up, gloves were put on,
      all the slippers were tried on, and the mittens too.

      The Christmas hamper opened were, the coffee kettle on the stove put on;
      a celebration bar none there were soon to be.
      But to describe for you with words that fit
      how the cookies taste, to that I am not fit.

      One thing for sure made no one sad,
      and nothing else but Milla's thimble that was,
      as when she the old one took and to the light held up,
      a dozen holes she counted in its rounded top.

      Yes, such a joy after all, a Christmas goat there was,
      'cause now dad and mum can walk with more than socks;
      And when Jack Frost Milla's fingers try to bite,
      disappointed he has to turn back, as she her mittens use.

      Then a lot of other things, both this and that, in the box we found,
      and how that will be received I presently can not tell;
      on Friday eve those things upon branches of the Christmas tree will
      be hung
      to bring joy to some little chap who nothing expected he'd get.
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