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  • jeanbduncan
    Helen Nelson Jarvis: At the Celebration on Sunday Jan. 20, I was excited to have an opportunity to look at the family history that you wrote! The Woodland
    Message 1 of 4 , Jan 23, 2002
      Helen Nelson Jarvis: At the Celebration on Sunday Jan. 20, I was
      excited to have an opportunity to look at the family history that you
      wrote! The Woodland Historical Society had their copy on display.
      (Thanks also to Herb and Janet Ketch for sharing some Woodland history
      with me.)
      Thank you for sharing information about your grandfather and father,
      Andreas and Nicholas Nelson. It helps me to understand and learn more
      about the community where my ancestors lived
      I found one other bit of information in my great-uncle's letters home
      (http://www.geocities.com/harrybuzzell/) regarding your father, I
      think: (this is from a letter written by Harry Buzzell on Jan. 11,
      1917 in Hartford, Conn. to his mother, Mary Thomas Buzzell, in Colby)
      "[Uncle Joe] is very good to talk with and he asks a lot of questions
      in regard to the folks the horses and crops and all about the new city
      [Colby] up there. He had quite a laugh about the time he was up there
      and he went down to the Nelson place to thrash do you remember how
      mudy [muddy] it was."
      I hope to be able to read your family history in detail sometime!
      Jean Buzzell Duncan --- In maineswedishcolony@y..., helenjar@a...
      > Jean Duncan: Yes I do know where my grandfather's farm was and where my
      > father, Nicholas Nelson, grew up. It was lot 54 on the old maps and is the
      > present home of Janet and Herbert Ketch on Colby Siding Road. When my
      > husband and I were in New Sweden and Woodland two years ago, Janet and Herb
      > were most kind to us, showing us the house, giving us pictures of my
      > grandfather's barn which no longer exists, telling us a lot about Woodland,
      > and taking us on a drive in the area to show us some of the historical places
      > and to have us visit the museum. I was able to buy a copy of the Woodland
      > 115th anniversary booklet and have found it most interesting.
      > Before my father married, he bought a farm in Washburn, at the corner of
      > Caribou Lake Road and Washburn Road (Route 64). Here he grew potatoes.
      > Regarding Harry Buzzell's question in his letter: "by the way, how is Nelson
      > getting along with his tractor this summer": My father was always tinkering
      > and inventing ways to do thing better, working especially on farm machinery
      > and other pieces of equipment, like a road roller that was pulled by horses
      > and that was used by the town to pack down snow on the roads in winter.
      > People who knew him considered him a bright young man with an inventive mind.
      > He produced a tractor with much higher rear wheels than were found on other
      > tractors. It could be run in the loose farm soil and between rows of
      > potatoes. Unfortunately, he had spent a great deal of money on building
      > prototypes of the tractor and other inventions, taking several mortgages to
      > finance them. He finally had to sell his farm to clear his debts sometime
      > before 1920. The family moved to New Sweden, where I was born. A few year
      > later, he left the area, moving with his family to Reading, MA where he built
      > a house and where I grew up.
      > Thank you very much for taking the time to search out the information from
      > Harry Buzzell's letters. I am pleased to have the extra information about
      > Colby Buzzell. My father always spoke very fondly of him. I have recently
      > finished writing my family history as I know it. There is a copy of it in
      > the New Sweden Historical Society library, and one in the Woodland Historical
      > Society.
      > The new internet group is wonderful. Your husband is to be congratulated for
      > being willing to take on this big job. Helen Nelson Jarvis
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