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Maine¹s Swedish Colony celebrates local culture

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  • Bill Duncan
    Thanks to everyone who came. It was a great day. For Immediate Release-- January, 20, 2002 Attached images: msc012002.JPG, [cutline for msc012002.JPG] Special
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 22, 2002
      Thanks to everyone who came. It was a great day.

      For Immediate Release-- January, 20, 2002

      Attached images: msc012002.JPG, [cutline for msc012002.JPG]
      Special cultural guests: Members of the Maine Acadian Heritage Council
      joined the celebration of Maine¹s Swedish Colony on the January 20, 2002 to
      promote partnership between Aroostook cultural groups. Left to right: Don
      Cyr, Lille; Dan Olson, Woodland; Dan and Marie-Paule LaPointe, Van Buren;
      Judy Paradis, Frenchville; Andy Olson and Brenda Jepson, Madawaska Lake;
      Rep. Ross Paradis, Frenchville. Over 60 folks from the Swedish Colony
      community gathered at the New Sweden School to share cultural activities and
      view the Colony¹s new website.

      Maine¹s Swedish Colony celebrates local culture.

      A public celebration on Sunday 20 January 2002, from noon­4:00 p.m. at
      the New Sweden School, introduced the new website of Maine¹s Swedish Colony.
      Among the individuals and groups who shared their cultural and artistic
      activities were Richard Clark (paintings), Julie Armstrong (spinning and
      weaving), Paul Carlson (antiques and candle making), Rita Olson (paintings),
      Andy Olson (blacksmithing), Doug and Rita Anderson (paintings), Arlene
      Ferguson (drawing), Kristine and Carl Bondeson (sheaves), Bill Duncan (web
      site and photos), Woodland Historical Society, and Stockholm Historical
      Society. Susan Clark played piano, Pastor Jim Morgan led an impromptu chorus
      of "Sancta Lucia" in Swedish, and Dan Olson assisted as Master of
      Ceremonies. Director of the Discovery Research project, John and Rosemary
      Hede acted as hosts and hot cider and cookies were served. Discussions
      ranged from wool spinning to proposed interstate highway routes impact on
      local culture.
      Featured on the website is a cultural directory listing activities of
      over 400 people who have a tie to the Colony area. The New Sweden Historical
      Society, Woodland Historical Society, Stockholm Historical Society, and
      Maine's Swedish Colony, Inc. are compiling this cultural directory with
      assistance from a Discovery Research grant from the Maine Arts Commission.
      To view the cultural directory and comment on the website, go to:
      A directory web page is available to anyone or any organization with a
      cultural connection to the area. A printed version of the directory is
      available at each local historical society.
      For those wishing to be listed in future editions, or for more
      information, please address comments and questions to Maine's Swedish
      Colony, Inc., P.O. Box 50, New Sweden, ME 04762. Contact John Hede, project
      director, at 896-3177 <jhede@...> or Bill Duncan, web designer, at
      896-3461, <duncan@...>.
      The site also includes the online version of "Maine¹s Historic 1870
      Swedish Colony: History, Map and Tourguide," which provides historical and
      visitor information on the whole colony area. There is also the "Report on
      Discovery Research Fieldwork in the Swedish Colony" by folklorist Michael
      Shippee. An email group has been formed to discuss cultural issues relevant
      to the Colony. A public calendar of cultural events is also available.
      The cultural directory is funded in part by a grant from The Maine Arts
      Commission, the New Century Community Program, and the National Endowment of
      the Arts, a federal agency. The New Century Community Program is a
      collaborative initiative of seven cultural organizations providing matching
      grants and technical assistance to Maine communities. Funded by the people
      of Maine, the program seeks to assist towns in developing their cultural and
      educational resources.

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