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Re: [maineswedishcolony] Ideas for Public Calendar

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  • Carolyn Hildebrand
    Bill, thanks for the info on the calendar. I will be at the school on Sunday, but the historical society board chose not to remove items from the museum for
    Message 1 of 2 , Jan 16, 2002
      Bill, thanks for the info on the calendar. I will be at the school on
      Sunday, but the historical society board chose not to remove items from the
      museum for display-sorry. As for the calendar, I you could announce our
      next membership meeting, I would appreciate it. February 2, 2002 at 2 p.m.
      at Heritage View. Members are asked to bring a dessert to share. The
      program will be very interesting-a few members of The Aroostook
      Stragglers-Company B of Brewer, affiliated with the 20th Maine, Civil War
      reenactment group will be present in uniform to talk about the Civil War and
      how it affected Maine.

      Sounds like a good meeting-I appreciate you posting it...See you
      Sunday...the site looks good on the computer...Carolyn
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      Subject: [maineswedishcolony] Ideas for Public Calendar

      Here is an item from my wish list for the Maine Swedish Colony web site:

      A public community calendar to publicize events and meetings.

      ?coordination between organizations scheduling events--
      see if another event is happening on a certain day
      ?no limit to how far in the future events can be posted
      ?folks who live away could see what's going on
      ?monthly printout posted around Colony
      ?organizations add their own events. (no deadlines! This would also
      distribute responsibility for maintaining the calendar.)

      I found two free public calendars:

      1.) calendar that is part of our email group
      ?advantage: Any Egroup member could post (I think you need a Yahoo account)
      ?disadvantage: (a big one) it marks all events as private
      ?caution: any member can edit/alter/delete any event (not likely)
      This option is available for anyone on the Egroup with a Yahoo account.

      2.) calendar available with any Yahoo account
      I have created an account to test as a group calendar:
      ?advantage: it has a cleaner looking printout
      ?disadvantage: only one person at a time would have access to the account
      ?cautions: -we share one account name and password;
      -contributors should sign-out before leaving calendar website;
      -anyone who has the password has full control of the account;
      -entire calendar could be be put in jeopardy (not likely);
      -unintentional damage to other folks postings (not likely);
      If you would like to try posting a few events, let me know and I will give
      you the password to this account.

      I recommend option 2, but would like some feedback.
      I will create links to the calendar from the other MSC sites.
      I am willing to post a few of your events, before you commit.
      Does anyone have experience in this sort of thing?
      Does anyone know of a another public calendar option?
      Can you foresee any problems of having such a public calendar?
      Additional benefits?

      FYI, online help for Egroup calendar:

      FYI, online help for public calendar calendar:

      Bill Duncan
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      Stockholm, ME 04783
      Phone 207-896-3461

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