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Re: Searching for info. on my grandfather

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  • sierrajkl
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    Message 1 of 6 , Mar 20, 2007
      --- In maineswedishcolony@yahoogroups.com, "padrewind"
      <patti.white@...> wrote:
      > Judith, here is more discussion on Swedish message board. You
      > want to do a little more digging in Maine. I wish you good luck.
      > Patti.............
      > Av Judy Olson Baouab ? torsdag den 15 febr 2007 kl. 19.00:
      > It is quite certain that the information on the World War I and/or
      > World War II Draft Registrations would have been provided by the
      > registering.
      > It is not at all certain that the information provided on a census
      > provided by that person. If someone else in the household (even a
      > child) or a neighbor provided that information (and that is very
      > possible), it may not be correct.
      > When there is a conflict between the place of birth on a draft
      > registration and the place of birth on a census, I would use the
      > information provided by that individual on the draft registration.
      > Judy
      > -------------------------------------------------------------------
      > --------
      > Av Mats Ahlgren (Mats) ? torsdag den 15 febr 2007 kl. 21.45:
      > I wonder where the information, on the passenger list, regarding
      > passport number and Place of Birth is gathered from
      > On the passenger list from September 1948, September 7, SS
      > (found on Ancestry.com) I can see Antons passport number and place
      > birth. I guess that information is from the passport. Is it
      possible to
      > find pass port information in some source?
      > --- In maineswedishcolony@yahoogroups.com, "sierrajkl"
      > wrote:
      > >
      > > Hello,
      > > I am doing my family history and I am working on my late
      > grandfather's
      > > side of the family. I have been working with the LDS Family
      > > Ctr. and gotten to the point where I now need some help from you
      > group,
      > > of which I am a member. My name Judith Lund, and I live in
      > > at the present.
      > > I do not know much about my grandfather's parents, etc. at all
      > except
      > > what was in his obituary ibn 1965 when he died. I did find out
      > WW2
      > > draft record that he was born in Nov. 2,1886 in Aroostook
      > > Maine. His name was Anton B. Sandell. His father was Olaf.
      > >
      Thank you for your reply. I apologize for not getting back with you
      sooner, I just have alot going on right now in my life.
      The info. that shows both my grandma & grandpa on the Gripsholm in
      1948 is when they went over to Sweden by ship to visit Grandma's
      family in Klassbol, Varmland, and then their return. They sailed out
      of New York City.
      I was wondering regarding pursuing the search for more info. in
      Maine, should I contact the Maine Archives in Augusta, considering
      he was born in the 1880's? On the obituary it shows his parents as
      Olaf & Rose Sandell.
      One of the people at the LDS Family History Center in Mesa said that
      to send to SS for the application that he filed for getting a SS no.
      and that this application should have who his parents were, where he
      was born, etc. This is available because the person is deceased. It
      is $27.
      The children Bertil and Lillian are my late uncle and my recently
      deceased mother. There was another, Evelyn, who was the daughter of
      my grandmother's sister who died in the flu epidemic; the child was
      adopted my my grandparents.
      After my mother passed on my daughter found many family photos in a
      box at her home. She gave several of them to me. One of them is a
      photo of my grandfather's cousin Isobel and her mother taken in this
      country. Both have black hair. I remember vaguely a cousin Isobel
      from Maine stopped by my grandparents house in Groton many years
      back when I was a child and there at the house. My grandma told me
      who she was.
      Judy Lund
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