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Re: [maineswedishcolony] Historical Records

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    Hello, Patti I do not have any Stead s in my family tree. Although, if you have family living in the area maybe I can t write a letter to my Aunt. She has
    Message 1 of 3 , Feb 27, 2006
      Hello, Patti
      I do not have any Stead's in my family tree.  Although,  if you have family living in the area maybe I can't write a letter to my Aunt.  She has lived in New Sweden all her life.  My grandfather lived up on the hill in New Sweden.  It was my understand that they special occasion there was a lot of music and dance at his place.  Let me know, if I can help. Becky Strid 
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      Hello Everyone!  I have been working on my mothers family line.  My
      mothers Swedish roots leads me to New Sweden in search of a family
      that moved there in 1900.  The family name is Stead.  I have been in
      touch with a few members of this family.  But some of the information
      on deceased relatives is not to be found.

      So my question to this group is who might have the burial records of
      your area?  I have searched online on may sites with no historical
      records for your area to be found.  It is very disappointing. Many
      websites for geneologist have volunteers for there community post
      cemetary records, war records, marriages, etc...

      Who would have access to records from 1900 on deaths?  I am looking
      for information on Anna Charlotta Stead born 4/11/1860 in Sweden and
      her husband Teodor Frithiof Stedt born 8/6/1855 in Sweden.  They died
      sometime between 1900 and 1920.

      Can anyone please help me with finding out when and where they were


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