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Nat'l Folk Organization Conference 2004

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  • Kate
    (from the NEFFA spring 2003 newsletter - I thought that the dancers might be interested in this... also, don t forget about the New England Folk Festival in
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 14, 2004
      (from the NEFFA spring 2003 newsletter - I thought that the dancers
      might be interested in this... also, don't forget about the New
      England Folk Festival in Natick, MA ... April 23 - 25)

      by Jo Crawford
      The National Folk Organization, a US-based group of recreational folk
      dance leaders, folk dance ensembles, and folk festival coordinators,
      will be having their annual conference in Lowell MA, March 5, 6, and
      7, 2004. Besides meetings and elections for members, the conference
      will feature presentations and workshops with Glenn Bannerman, a
      nationally recognized dance caller, teacher and leader. A former
      Professor of Recreation and Outdoor education, Glenn teachers
      Appalachian clogging and Big Circle Mountain dancing. For more on
      Glenn, see www.bannermanfamily.com.

      At last year's successful conference, it was decided to allocate some
      of the profits to encourage our teen and college-aged members to
      attend this upcoming conference. To that end, NFO is pleased to
      announce that scholarship money is available to assist a limited
      number of youth dancers. To apply, send an email with your name, age,
      address, and school attending to NFO President Greg Lund at
      lglund@.... Or send by mail to: Greg Lund, 15221 N. CR 400 E,
      Eaton, IN 47338. Please include a letter of recommendation from your
      folk dance leader along with your application and let us know what
      you've done in folk dance, and what you plan to do in the future.
      Special youth events will be arranged if there is enough interest.

      NFO is also a sponsor of Pourparler, an annual get-together of folk
      dance educators. Part of this year's conference will be a "Pourparler
      Sampler", a chance for educators to share tried and true dances and
      network with others in the field. Other activities include a visit to
      international folk dancing in Arlington Friday night, and the annual
      Awards banquet on Saturday.

      Registration forms will be available shortly. For those that want to
      attend only parts of the conference, an a la carte price list will
      also be available. Check the website, www.nfo-usa.org, for more
      information. Or contact jo.crawford@..., 978-692-6217, to be
      sent information by mail.

      The purpose of the NFO is to advance and preserve folk arts
      representing national and local ethnic customs as they exist
      throughout the United States; to promote and encourage the exchange
      of folk dance and dance related folklore in the United States of
      America and abroad, and to effectively network those who support
      these objectives.
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