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96New Sweden's tragedy.

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  • Shelly Timber
    May 3, 2003
      Hello to all.
      This is a time to show the world that it is HOW we in New
      Sweden and surrounding areas respond to tragedy that sets us apart.
      Also, I recently visited those in the hospital in Bangor and brought
      to them the collective love and well wishes from the rest of their
      community up here.

      I want to use this forum to let you all know (if you don't already) of
      the relief fund that is set up to help the families of all who are
      hospitalized. Donations are now being accepted and 100% will go to
      the families of those hospitalized by the poisoning. Administrative
      costs will be born by the Ev. Covenant Church. It is being overseen
      by three pastors in the New Sweden/Stockholm area.

      Checks can be make out to (and mailed to):
      "G.A. Lutheran Families Relief Fund"
      P.O. Box 47
      New Sweden, ME 04762

      Distributions will be given to families, weekly while hospitalized,
      and for two weeks following their discharge. (depending upon the
      duration of donations coming in)

      There is also a donation can at Northstar Variety and more will be
      placed in similar locations around our towns.

      Thank you and Peace to you all!
      Rev. Shelly Timber