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90Re: Idea for radio story AND a request

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  • Kate
    Mar 25, 2003
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      Adam and the Rest of the List,

      As a current, albeit simultaneously happy and reluctant, Portlander
      I hail from New Sweden. I'd be willing to help you out, esp. getting
      you up to New Sweden (anything to visit home!) for a weekend. Please
      feel free to contact me off-list, should you like about getting

      I'm doing a paper (for the American and New England Studies master's
      program at USM) on New Sweden's Cultural Center (Bill, great map!)
      and wonder if there's any way that I could get into the Historical
      Society. I'd do it during the day and no heat needed, since I know
      that it's closed until late May.

      I wonder if there are minutes for the Historical Society meetings
      and, if there are, might I have a copy of the last year's notes? I'm
      very excited about the project and hope to continue working on it
      throughout my degree.

      (Quin-EASTER... Johnson Road, New Sweden and Wessex Street, Portland)
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