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76Re: Swedish Colony history

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  • Bill Duncan
    Feb 26, 2003
      Re: Swedish Colony history Jessica,

      Your email is fateful. Just this week I was made aware of a collection of photographs of the Swedish Colony from the early 1900's. These photos were assembled onto display boards by a local naturalist Olaf Nylander and are part of a collection his artifacts in a local museum (Caribou's Nylander Museum). It seems to be a complete survey of the farms and homes of immigrant families. We estimate there are 150-300 images.

      The museum director, Jeanie McGowan, speculated that the display might have been taken to Sweden by Nylander to illustrate the success of the colony. The photos haven't been shown publicly for some time and are showing signs of deterioration.  A book was suggested as a way of preserving and distributing the images.

      Send me your publishing information and I will share it with the local historical societies and the Caribou museum to see if we can generated some interest in a project.

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      on 2.25.03 3:23 PM, jengstrom@... at jengstrom@... wrote:


      I am the editor of Maine titles at Arcadia Publishing in Portsmouth, New Hampshire. Arcadia is a trade publisher of local and regional histories, most famously, our "Images of America" series, which is a pictorial history series. I recently stumbled upon your Web site and it caught my eye because there seems to be such an active historical interest in the area and also because I am of Swedish descent myself (from the Duluth, Minnesota Swedes!) Anyway, I thought I would write to say hello and also ask you some questions to see if Arcadia might be interested in publishing a book on the area and getting the historical society involved as potential authors. I was wondering what the population of the area is and also whether there is a collection of historical photographs. Arcadia finances all aspects of book publication for book proposals we accept, and pays author royalties, etc. I would be happy to mail you some materials if this is at all of interest to you.

      Thanks! I had a great time looking over the site. It made me homesick!

      Jessica Engstrom
      Editor, Arcadia Publishing
      224 State St., Portsmouth, NH 03801

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