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75Re[2]: [maineswedishcolony] Photo folder

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  • Steve & Bette Campbell
    Feb 15, 2003
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      Thanks for taking a look! I'm sure Alton may not
      even know what day it is, (sad to say), ....I heard
      he was not really coherent. (Alzheimers?)
      Alton must be about 85 years old, eh?
      I've got MORE photos, (such as "me in the potato
      field; Bryan Forbes and I on our way to a river
      trip, etc.), that I'll put in later on.
      Note of interest: My graduating class from New
      Sweden, was the last class to have their graduation
      in the building that had the gym in it, before it
      burned down. It was next to the original museum.
      I have LOTS of memories that might be of interest
      should you want the stories. Like the Sunday that
      Paul Bunderson(sp?) asked me to put fliers for "vote
      yes for a 'wet' town" on the cars in the church
      parking lot, and what happened when the folks came
      out of church and found the fliers on their
      windshields. (The funniest part of that story is
      the fact that I am the preacher's kid from that
      Have a great weekend!
      Steve Campbell
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