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71Re: [maineswedishcolony] Idea for radio story

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  • Debbie
    Feb 11, 2003
      Dear Mr. Allington,
      You should consider Dan Olson from New Sweden. although not a native,
      he's married to a New Sweden girl and is a wealth of information. We also
      are celebrating Midsummer June 21 -22 . Anyway, its a Saturday and Sunday.
      While my married name is French, I would also be happy to help you in
      any way. Local characters include Stan's home of the ten cent coffee, Ralph
      Ostlund, who at the age of 70 + years still skiis.
      Brenda Jepson who is also a member of this group, teaches at Caribou
      High ?School where her video production class has produced at least 4 videos
      about New Sweden and surrounding areas. She would also be a good contact
      Please let me know what else I can do for you. Anything to showcase this
      wonderful town we live in.

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      > Hello,
      > My name is Adam Allington and I am a radio student at
      > the Salt Institute for Documentary Field Studies in
      > Portland.
      > I am contacting the Swedish Colony email group today
      > to tap everyones collective knowlege about the Swedish
      > Communities of Aroostook County. I am currently
      > researchinh topics for my upcomming field project in
      > Documentary Radio to be aired at a later date on Maine
      > Public Radio.
      > I have lived in Sweden myself for several years and
      > am very interested in Scandinavian culture and its
      > influences on communities here in America.
      > I am primarily looking for a "people piece" A story
      > about one person or family that in some way imparts
      > some unique aspect of your comunity to those who have
      > never been there.
      > One thing that I am very keen on researching is
      > Aquavit, or Swedish Schnapps and the role that it
      > plays in Swedish tradional/culinary life. My host
      > grand parents in Sweden made their own Schnapps and
      > the process has always been very interesting to me.
      > Is there anyone in the county who still makes
      > tradional schnapps?? There must be...
      > Other topics of interest would be such things as:
      > Interesting local characters, people who are a complet
      > product of your unique community. Maybe even
      > linguistic influences if there are any.
      > As Portland is very far away from Aroostook, I am
      > trying to get a few ideas before I make the long
      > drive. Since the subject or subjects who I end up
      > interviewing will probably not have email access
      > (although the might) I would be very grateful for any
      > tips and/or information that anyone might be able to
      > give me.
      > Thank you all very much for your time.
      > Warm Regards,
      > Adam Allington
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