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7Re: World War I letters

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  • jeanbduncan
    Jan 1, 2002
      Hi Debbie,
      Thanks for the information about Fred Mahoney. That is just the type
      of thing I am hoping to find out!! The original box of Harry's
      letters contained many cards and holiday postcards. One of the
      signed from the Mahoney Family, appears to be a thank you for your
      sympathy card (not dated)?
      Harry's letter of April 17, 1918 also refers to Barney Skidgel and
      also Byron Larby of Perham. The letter dated April 25, 1918 mentions
      Mrs. Nilander and Otto, the Ericson boy on the Abrahamson road (where
      is that?), Grover Wardwell, and someone named Dell? There are alot of
      people mentioned in other letters: Nov 29, 1914 and Feb 11, 1917
      Chester Ginn; Feb 6, 1916 Dan Skidgel (cut hand in the mill); Oct 9,
      1917 Ray Swanberg; Nov 8, 1917 Selander boys store; March 10, 1918
      Elmer Carlson, Mr. Field; June 16, 1918 Carl, new Blacksmith,
      boys, Macerbies?
      I found an amazing website that gives alot of info about people in
      wars that were buried on foreign soil. Harry was buried at Meuse-
      Argonne Cemetery in France.<http://usabmc.com/>> -----
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