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328Re: [maineswedishcolony] Swedish Immigration To New Sweden Area,etc. After 1870

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  • Judith
    Mar 22, 2010
       According to the names in my deceased grandfather's obituary, his father's name was Olof Sandell, and his mother, Rose. The obituary said that he was born in New Sweden but someone I talked with a number of years ago who does genealogy in New Sweden could not find the name there and suggested maybe it was in Westmanland or one of the other small communities that were settled by Swedes. My grandfather was born in 1886. Years back my mom said that the last name was changed somewhat as alot of Scandinavians did that when they emigrated to America, I don't know how much it was changed. I have no one left as far as family goes to ask questions of as my mom and her brother & sister have passed on. My greatgrandfather also remarried after his first wife died from what my mother said, and Rose may be his second wife, I don't know.
         I knew very little about my maternal grandfather until I started doing a family history about 25+rs. ago, and I started asking questions about this side of the family (my grandfather's side, too).
                                                      Judith Lund

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      Who were your ancestors?
      If they were Bengtson/Pierson I might be able to help
      On Mar 22, 2010, at 1:12 PM, sierrajkl wrote:

      The new post from MSC as of this date has given me some new hope in trying to find out more about my now-deceased grandfather' s parents who settled in the area in or near New Sweden. I was not aware until I read some info. on one of the links I went to this a.m. that there were quite a few more ships with immigrants from Sweden who came to the New Sweden and surrounding area after the original settlers in 1870. I also learned that they all left from Gothenberg, Sweden. How does one find out about who some of these other settlers were, any records of passengers, where they landed, and eventually settled in the New Sweden & surrounding areas.
      This new post today with its new info to 8 links on the MSC had the list of the original 22 settlers of New Sweden and I saw that my grandfather' s dad was not among these 22 so it had to be one of the groups of immigrants that left from Gothenberg in the following years of settlement to the New Sweden & surrounding areas like Westmanland, etc.
      I would appreciate any help on this.
      Judith Lund

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