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  • Bill@BillDuncan.info
    Mar 17, 2009
      Just a quick note.
      I have redesigned the Maine Swedish Colony web site and moved it to:
      There is a draft of the Midsommar Calendar there.

      For the foreseeable future, I intend to leave the old site up
      with just a link to the new site. I will not be updating the older site.

      --Bill Duncan

      Other Colony contacts:

      Debbie Eustis-Grandy, president
      New Sweden Historical Society
      PO Box 33
      New Sweden, ME 04762
      Hm: (207) 896-5240
      Gary Dickinson and Bernice Randolph
      Hm: (207) 896-5844

      John & Rosemary Hede
      Stockholm Historical Society
      Stockholm, ME 04783
      Hm: (207) 896-3177

      Linda Norsworthy
      Woodland Historical Society
      Hm: (207) 498-3081

      Bill Duncan, president
      Bill & Jean Duncan
      Maine's Swedish Colony Inc.
      PO Box 50
      New Sweden, ME 04762
      HM (207) 896-3461
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