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254Re: [maineswedishcolony] New Denmark, New Brunswick story

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  • Judye
    Feb 25, 2009
      It was my maternal grandfather's dad who emigrated to the northern Maine area, possibly to Westmanland. I remember some years ago that my mother said that some of the Swedes Americanized their names when they came to this country and she thinks that her grandfather did the same. I also have an older photo of 2 of my grandfather's cousins from up in Maine and the first name only of one of them. No last name at all. Its a shame that I do not have any more than that. Sandell was my grandfather's last name, but he also had some relatives with the last name of Anderson as I found their photos in frames some years ago. The 2 were born back in about the 1860's I think. I need to look for these photos as I moved from AZ  2 yrs. ago  and still have not found or unpacked everything.
      My grandfather moved down to Connecticut from Maine but had friends in MA, also.


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      My family came over-uncles beginning with the first group, then more aunts and uncles, until 1873 when my great-great grandparents and two children came over.  I have checked for records in Halifax and found they were destroyed in a fire.  I have found newspaper clippings at the Provincial Archives in Fredericton reporting the coming of the Swede's, but no names were listed in what I found.  Richard Hede's blue book does list all of the first group that came.  Many of my uncles, aunts and cousins moved on to MA and other states.  Hope this info helps.
      Carolyn Hildebrand
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      From: Judye
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      Subject: Re: [maineswedishcolony ] New Denmark, New Brunswick story

      Thank you very much, Kathy. It was a big help. I wonder if there is a list of the names of those Swedes that landed in Halifax enroute to northern Maine. It sounds like there was more than one group of them, also. I don't know if there is a log or record like the ones that are kept re those who entered this country in NYC.


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      Date: Wednesday, February 25, 2009, 5:29 AM

          They landed in Halifax from Liverpool, across Nova Scotia, over the bay of Fundy to St. John, Canada.  down the St. John river by steamer to Fredericton, to Tobique Landing.  Then by railroad, By horse team to Fort Fairfield, Maine, continued on, over the bridge of the Aroostook River into Caribou, and finally to New Sweden.  I got this information from "Founding of New Sweden".  Hope it's helpful. Kathy Robinson

      From: Judye <sierrajkl@yahoo. com>
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       Did the Swedes who settled New Sweden and surrounding smaller communities land at the same port in New Brunswick as the the Danes, and follow the same route up the river to northern Maine as the Danes did? I have been trying to figure out this part of their journey from Sweden to northern Maine for some time now in trying to do the genealogy of my deceased maternal grandfather whose father emigrated from Sweden to northern Maine.
                                        Judi Lund

      Psalm 134: 2


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      Subject: [maineswedishcolony ] New Denmark, New Brunswick story
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      Date: Tuesday, February 24, 2009, 10:51 AM

      Check out the history of our Danish neighbors and their parallel story
      to New Sweden:

      http://archives. gnb.ca/Exhibits/ PlannedSettlemen ts/Settlement. aspx?culture= en-CA&t=NewDenma rk

      Be sure to click on the blue links on each page to see primary
      documents and great photos!

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