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247Re: [maineswedishcolony] Mathilda Anderson hosts researcher Melvin 1950

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  • kit kis
    Feb 23, 2009
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      I found out that she was a cousin to Harold Bondeson, was married to Rob Anderson, they had no children.  After they left their farm they lived in the house that Paul Bondeson lives in now.  Jerry Nelson was a cousin too and probably knows a lot more.  Norma Bondeson may know also.  Good luck.

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      NEW at:

      http://jeanbduncan. wordpress. com/converstion- mathilda- anderson- and-charlotte- lenentine- melvin-1950/

      Charlotte Lenentine Melvin visited New Sweden as a student researcher
      in 1950. She was invited to stay at the home of Mathilda Anderson
      during the visit. The notes that Charlotte took from her conversation
      with Mathilda provide an interesting view of the hardships in the
      early days of settling New Sweden.

      Do you know who Mathilda’s family was? Please help me find out about them.

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