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163Re: [maineswedishcolony] hertiage and property

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  • rebe7232@comcast.net
    Feb 25, 2006
      My maiden name is Strid.  Yes, Freda is married to Gordon which is my Aunt and Uncle. My father John and Freda are brothers and sister.  I would love to come to the midsommer festival in June. I not sure if I will make it though. Is it still at the park?  I saw the dancing 2 times back in the late 70's
      I work it the nursing field and go to college.  Becky
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      From: "Blanchette Family" <newswede@...>
      Hi Becky,
          So what's your maiden name? Is Freda Zetterman married to Gordon? I remember the name John. There were 2 brothers who lived on Ringdahl Hill, well actually over that hill and across the road when I was growing up. They lived in a little house by themselves, I think. Would that be relatives of yours?
          No, Adella is another strand of Johnsons.
          Let me know what I can do to help you more. Are you coming to Midsummer June 24 and 25th this year? You'd probably meet a lot of relatives then. People tend to come back for that festival.
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      Sent: Thursday, February 23, 2006 9:40 PM
      Subject: Re: [maineswedishcolony] hertiage and property

      Hello Debbie,
      My father name was John Alfred Strid Jr. He grew up on the hill (above the post office) Did you know him?  His sister is Freida Zetterman.  I also, lived for a little while in New Sweden with I was very young 11-12 years old.  Are you related to Adella Johnson?
      I need to retreived the family tree  and start it up again.
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      From: "Blanchette Family" <newswede@...>
      Hello Becky,    With a name like Strid-who was your father? Maybe I can help you.... Email me back...
      Debbie Johnson Blanchette
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      Sent: Wednesday, February 22, 2006 7:58 PM
      Subject: [maineswedishcolony] hertiage and property

      Does anyone know if property in New Sweden is up for sale? I am thinking about purchasing some especially near the Madawasa River off of Rista road.  I recall the sharp bend and the dirt road leading down toward the river. 
      I am also working on a family tree.  My parental grandparents including my father was from New Sweden.  This is a huge tree I may need help with.  My great parents had a very large family,  I located Esplings, Plants, Johnsons, Snowman and I am doing the whole town now.HAHA
      I hope to hear back from someone
      Your young square head
      Becky Strid 

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