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144Re: [maineswedishcolony] Names of original 51 settlers

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  • Dan Olson
    Apr 21, 2005
      Hi Jean,
      The names of the first 51 settlers are listed in the town history (the three-ring binder with the blue covers). You can also see the names of the first 51 on the bronze plaque on the back side of the stone memorialthat stands in front of hte New Sweden Museum, out by the very edge of Station Road (under the telephone pole).
      As to the names of the early settlers who are buried in the Old Cemetary behind the Museum: the large stone at the end of the foot path, down in the trees is inscribed with those names. When the wooden grave markers had deteriorated, the Historical Society put up the large stone marker as a "group" gravestone in the 1930's.
      Dan Olson
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      Sent: Thursday, April 21, 2005 4:24 PM
      Subject: [maineswedishcolony] Names of original 51 settlers

      With the upcoming 135th celebration in July this year, I am wondering if the
      names of the original 51 Swedes are known. If so, where can I find the list? I
      am also curious about the burial sites of the original settlers. Is it known how
      many are buried in New Sweden Cemetery, or perhaps other local
      cemeteries? Is there any listing in existence?
      Thank you for any help with my questions.

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