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134Re: [maineswedishcolony] Searching for Info.on Deceased Relative born in New Sweden

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  • Carolyn Hildebrand
    Mar 16, 2004
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      Hi,Judith. I have a copy of the list of people in the declarations of
      Intention and Naturalizations in New Sweden, ME 1873-1900. No Sandell
      appears to be listed, but the old S and L look very similar in some people's
      handwriting. There is a John F. Lundell born 1844 and naturalized Sept. 28,
      1876 listed. No more is given about him in that record.
      In Richard Hede's Blue Book from the centennial there is a chart from
      1874 listing all the Swede's and information about them. There is a J.F.
      Sundell listed which states he was in New Sweden 4 years, had a cabin 30 by
      18 ft., a barn 44 by 24 ft, had 3 children, 3 pigs, 3 sheep, 1 calf, 1 cow,
      5 acres felled, 5 acres grass, and 8 acres of crops.
      In that same book it lists the original people who came the first year.
      On may 23, 1870 an I. F. Sundell is listed. I did not see any others
      listed. I can easily look like a J in the old script. Who knows, but this
      might give you some help. My family changed names from Carl to Charley and
      Andres to Andrew. Good luck! Carolyn (Haglund) Hildebrand
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      > My name is Judith Lund. I live in Prescott Valley, AZ, but was born
      > and was raised in Connecticut. My late grandfather was born in New
      > Sweden in the 1880's. His father may have been one of the original
      > settlers that came over from Sweden in 1870. There is a good
      > possibility that my grandfather was given an English name when he was
      > born in New Sweden. I just recently found his obit. in among papers
      > that I had. I have both his parents names. My grandfather's surname
      > was Sandell. I understand that many records were lost in a fire at
      > the New Sweden Town Hall in 1970 so I cannot obtain info. from there.
      > It is a good possibility that my great grandfather's name was Olof
      > Olson but I am trying to find out for sure.The obit. lists Olof
      > Sandell. I am hoping that somebody up in the New Sweden area may be
      > able to help me with this. Thank you.
      > Judith Lund
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