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  • barbarella19672003
    Jun 11, 2003
      I am not sure if someone can lead me in the right direction, or help
      me out. I am trying to finish up my grandfather's side of my family
      tree. I am looking for info on Hjalmar Lund's wife... He was Born
      1/28/1899, Death 12/29/1986 (lived in New Sweden between those

      I have NO info on her other than her name which is Mabel L. Lund
      (maiden Erickson). I know she passed away at a young age in New
      Sweden-and was also married to him there on 11/9/1921, and he
      remarried Myrtle A. Lund (Ross) in New Sweden later on. I just need
      some info to finish up.

      I would normally not have a problem getting this info, but I am in
      I would appreciate any help or info.
      Michele Lund
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