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1011870 colony settlers

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  • marklanderson1
    May 15, 2003
      Just running a few random thoughts up the flagpole in the hope
      that someone will salute ...
      Is there any way I can get access to a list of the names of the
      colony's settlers? My great-grandfather (John Benjamin Anderson,
      English spelling; Swedish spelling unknown) came to Maine with the
      settlers in 1870. Don't know if he ever made it to New Sweden; by
      Oct. 1875 he was in Portland marrying my great-grandmother.
      His son, my dad's uncle Bill, had a dairy farm in Falmouth
      during the Depression. Every so often a bunch of folks he knew from
      New Sweden would come down to visit. Some of these Swedes were
      related, but I have no further information as to who or how they were
      related. An aunt once told me that Uncle Bill introduced her to a
      man named Andrew Swenson from New Sweden who was somehow related, no
      further info. But Dad always said that the source of the name
      Anderson was that the last one to change the name (Swedish style) was
      Andrew Swenson ... probably Anders, not Andrew ... whose children
      became Andersons. I suppose there's a slight chance that both
      stories could be true, esp. if one of my great-grandfather's uncles
      In doing genealogical research, my great-grandfather is as far
      back as I can go up the Anderson line.
      My great-grandfather is buried in South Portland. One Memorial
      Day I was there to water the flowers. Across the lane from his stone
      is the stone of an Andrew Anderson. His grandson happened to come to
      the cemetery while I was there. We chatted briefly. I asked if he
      knew whether the two were related. He said they weren't, but that
      they knew each other. Both had come over from Sweden on the same
      boat. I never got the grandson's name, and I didn't think to ask him
      for any more information.
      I notice in the phone listings there are a slew of Andersons in
      New Sweden, but no Swensons. Come to think of it, the Andersons
      wouldn't be related, unless great-grandfather had a brother or two
      who came over with him.
      Any thoughts, comments, info., etc., most welcome.
      My heart goes out to all in town affected by the recent tragedy.