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  • Jody Adair
    Jun 17, 1999
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      This list is for discussion of the MailBag Assistant.

      "Mailbag Assistant" is a mailbox viewer and organizer that incorporates powerful search and information extraction tools. It makes it easy to open multiple mailboxes in a single view and it can quickly find messages that match complex search criteria. Mailbag can also save messages in its own mailbox files so you can easily archive your messages from any of the compatible email clients.

      Suppose you have a large number of mailboxes, including archived ones, packed with thousands of messages. You are looking for a specific message someone sent you, but you can't remember who sent it. All you can recall is that the message was sent to you from someone in Australia, sometime last year, had a lengthy discussion about spam, and included an attachment of a neat utility to filter spam. How do you find it? Well, you would have a very hard time with traditional search methods, especially since search facilities in most EMail programs are notably poor. With Mailbag, you could find the message in a matter of seconds. Also, if you handle large amounts of EMail, it's often helpful to know if someone is writing to you for the first time or not. Again, thanks to Mailbag, you can get the answer in a fraction of a second. In fact, it can even tell you how many messages that person has sent you, and how many you replied. You can also select all messages that correspond to specific criteria and then save them in a new mailbox for reference or backup purposes.

      Happy MailBaggin',
      Jody Adair

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