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Investment Opportunity

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  • Mr. Abdul Idris
    From: Mr. Abdul Idris Financial Director Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) Attention: The Managing Director Dear Sir, It is with strict
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 3, 2002
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      From: Mr. Abdul Idris
      Financial Director
      Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC)

      Attention: The Managing Director

      Dear Sir,

      It is with strict confidence and trust that I wish to contact you seeking for your assistance to help as regard
      investment, hoping that you will consider my request and give me positive response hence time is essence.
      However, I am making this contact to you based on trust and confidence irrespective of the fact that we have
      not met before and because of the nature of the business I am about to introduce, I want to remain positive
      having the faith, the will and convincing myself that you will be capable to do business with me. As a matter of
      introduction, I am the Financial Director/ Chief Accountant of INEC, meaning, Independent National Electoral

      This organization INEC is in charge of conducting Elections in my country Nigeria. Consequently, during the
      last election held in my country in 1999, about US$ 1 billion was allocated to this office by the past Military
      Government that handed over power to the Civilian Administration that is governing the political Sorvergn of
      Federal Republic of Nigeria as at now. On disbursing of the US$1 billion for Election purposes, about US$800
      million was utilized in conducting all the elections while US$200 million was left as balance out of the US$1
      billion given to my agency INEC.

      The office of the Auditor General of the Federal Republic of Nigeria has audited my agency, INEC this January
      2002 in respect of the Primary elections that will be taking place this year while the Governorship and
      Presidential election will take place next year. During this auditing this January, it was left for my office to give
      account of all expenses utilized in conducting the elections and while doing this accountability with the auditor
      General Of the Federation, I and my two other partners secretly removed the sum of US$15.5 million from the
      INEC Treasury account and included it as part of money used during the last election. Our intention is to
      transfer the funds out of the country to any reliable foreign account pending when we shall come over to your
      country and collect our percentage specifically meant for investment purposes.

      As the Chief Financial Director of INEC, I have already declared to the Authorities and the Auditor General of
      the Federation here that out of the US$1 billion given to us, US$184.5 million is the balance left and the
      US$15.5 million through over invoicing records have been pushed to the Forex Account of bank of Nigeria
      awaiting the vital documents to be processed, hence to obtain valid and legal authorization prior to telegraphic
      wire transfer taking place to your designated bank account.

      Note: Our reason for contacting you in this confidential transaction is due to the fact as top civil servants
      working under government establishment or corporation we are not allowed to operate foreign account as it is
      against the new Government Anti Corruption Code of -Conduct Bureau, and on discovery that we have access
      to foreign account, we shall be dismissed from service immediately and based on this difficult situation, we have
      no other option than to look for a reliable foreign partner to assist us in taking out this fund. All we need from
      you is nothing but to allow us use your bank account and transfer this money immediately before we
      commence the primary elections in my country this year.

      Finally, this transaction will be finalized precisely in 10 banking days and we are going to give you 15% of the
      total sum for your support, assistance and cooperation in seeing that this funds gets to your bank account. On
      the other hand, you are being guaranteed that there is no atom of risk involved in your participation hence the
      transaction will be handled with utmost confidentiality in other to avoid any leakage. On acceptance of this
      letter, which I believe you will give me a positive answer, please contact me on my e-mail:
      for further directives on how to proceed.

      Awaiting your Urgent response

      Mr.Abdul Idris

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