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ZT Screen Lockup

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  • Barbara Milleville
    Hello, I m running ZoomText 9.19 on a Win XP laptop. I have been getting more and more lockups while the screen saver is running and also when actively using
    Message 1 of 4 , Feb 1, 2013

      I'm running ZoomText 9.19 on a Win XP laptop. I have been getting more and
      more lockups while the screen saver is running and also when actively using
      programs. Has anyone else been experiencing this issue? If so, have you
      found a fix for it? I have contacted ZT tech support and they have changed
      settings in the screen saver, taken some items out of MSConfig Start and
      added ZT to the AVG 2013 Free Version exception list. Dell tech support is
      telling me I need to do an XP reinstall which I'd like to avoid..especially
      since if the issue is related to ZT, this may not fix the issue. Of course,
      Dell doesn't know much about ZT. BTW, it's really nice to have a larger
      monitor when techies want to remote in.they are not big fans of

      Also, my plan was to upgrade to Win 8 and ZT after Win 8 has more bugs
      worked out and ZT and Win 8 are compatible. But if the lockup issue cannot
      be resolved, I won't be able to wait this long and will have to rely on the
      Win 8 built-in screen mag to use a computer. Does anyone have Win 8 and use
      the built-in screen magnifier? If so, can you share some specifics about
      how it works and its limitations? For a short time, I could get by with
      just using the screen magnifier and not speech. I spoke to someone in the
      Microsoft accessibility department about this. He is fully sighted and has
      not used the built-in program much but said that the full screen mag will
      only magnify things 1.5x which is pretty useless. An acquaintance who has
      low vision and uses ZT had use of a Win 8 machine for a short time and said
      that she tried the built-in magnifier and was able to enlarge at 8x and said
      it goes up to 16x. So, I'm not sure why Microsoft said it can't go above
      1.5x. Perhaps we are talking about different things. I am concerned with
      the built-in mag which magnifies the full screen and not the hand magnifier.
      Can anyone please help sort this out?

      FYI, Microsoft now has a dedicated albeit small staff which handles
      questions about this sort of thing. They have 2 folks on their team who are
      totally blind and they told the rep I spoke with that Narrator, the built-in
      screen reader in Win 8 is not ready to be used independently by those who
      are totally dependent on speech. I had been hearing that Microsoft had made
      these 2 built-in tools much better in Win 8 and so it was disappointing to
      hear this news. But they didn't rush me off the phone and were very open to
      suggestions on how to improve things. I gave them about 10 things to work
      on and said to not wait until Win 9 is ready to roll them out. Very soon,
      they will have their own direct telephone line but for now, you can call
      800-642-7676. I'm not sure if this number works outside of the U.S. I
      encourage you to call and also tell them about the importance of having good
      accessibility tools built into the operating system like Apple does. IMHO,
      this won't replace my ZT software but would be great to have in a pinch (see
      above) and when using a non-visually impaired person's computer.

      Thanks for any assistance you can provide me with the two issues noted


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