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Re: No Second Life For Visually Impaired

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  • wilsonioni
    ... the virual world called Second Life. ... Second Life is completely inaccessible for users of screen magnifiers and readers. ... Hello, I ve just found your
    Message 1 of 3 , May 24, 2007
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      --- In magnifiers@yahoogroups.com, Peter Verhoeven <pverhoe@...> wrote:
      > A growing number of companies, artists and geverments are present in
      the virual world called Second Life.
      > If often the real first world hard to access for visually impaired.
      Second Life is completely inaccessible for users of screen magnifiers
      and readers.
      > Click below for the full story!
      > http://magnifiers.org/news.php?action=fullnews&id=249

      Hello, I've just found your wonderful site and forum and I hope to
      learn and share things with you all. This story caught my attention
      because I've been looking for screen magnification that works with 3D
      apps and can't find any that work, just like the problem that Dolphin
      pointed out in that article.

      If you are not aware, the best solution I've found and used for many
      years is using a Matrox video card. The reason Matrox cards are
      special is that their full-screen zooming function is at the driver
      level, and because of that they handle 3D programs and things like
      Second Life without any real problems. Their zooming is called
      PixelTouch which is limited to 2x and 4x, but works on their cheapest
      cards like the G450, and on up to their higher end cards like the
      Parhelias. I've depended on these cards for a decade because I can
      only really work with at least the 2x zoom, and it works great for me.

      My problem now is that I'm trying to do 3D modeling and the Matrox
      cards just don't have the rendering horsepower for high-end work. I'm
      trying to request ATI to implement the same zoom function in their
      cards, but to no avail yet. I'm also looking for a smart programmer to
      write this functionality directly into ATI's drivers, so if anyone
      knows someone who has that talent please let me know. I'm willing to
      pay for their service.

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